The Kitchen Table Divorce: Is It Right For You?


The Kitchen Table Divorce: Is It Right For You?

The kitchen table has long been used as a metaphor. The kitchen table is not just the physical place where we enjoy our everyday meals. It is also used to encompass how we solve daily family issues, such as paying bills, making vacation plans, talking about family health, and much more. Although divorce is not considered an everyday issue, it is a family one. That is why we developed The Kitchen Table Divorce which is quickly becoming our popular service for working out an consensual divorce without litigation.

Granted, The Kitchen Table Divorce is not for everyone. Some people have complicated situations; others have too much anger and resentment to be able to sit down and work things out on their own. The Kitchen Table Divorce is possible if you both have straightforward income, assets, and debts, have open lines of communication, the financial and legal knowledge support from our team to manage the conversations at home on your own, and/or have been separated for a while and have already worked out many of the issues associated with divorce and co-parenting with another professional such as a therapist or financial planner.

Assess the Benefits and Risks of The Kitchen Table Divorce

Before moving forward with The Kitchen Table Divorce, you should weigh the benefits and risks. 


  • If there are children, they will see their parents work cooperatively and thus will experience less stress over the divorce.
  • You can work together to reach solutions that work for both of you as a couple rather than being told by a third party how you should move forward.
  • It is less expensive.
  • You received the tools to facilitated document gathering and emotional conversations.
  • You have a timeline to set expectations.


  • Your finances might be too complex to reorganize without the strategic help needed to make the best short- and long-term decisions.
  • You or your partner are or become too escalated to safely have emotional conversations about your divorce.
  • The process might bring out emotions that will hinder coming to amiable decisions.

Is The Kitchen Table Divorce A Good Idea for You?

Divorce is a complicated process, even under the best circumstances, especially with a dual-income divorce or divorce with children. Without the guidance of our divorce professional, Attorney & Mediator Erin Birt, there is the possibility of unexpected repercussions that might be unrealized until well after the divorce. And, once the divorce is finalized, it is not easy to change that final judgment.

Read more about the tips and tools to success with The Kitchen Table Divorce here.

Unfortunately, with any DIY divorce process, you may not even know what you don't know. Using a combination of The Kitchen Table Divorce and at home conversations, our firm will ensure you and your spouse can move into the future securely knowing all bases were covered.

If you and your spouse think The Kitchen Table Divorce is viable, traditional litigation does not have to complicate the process. With The Kitchen Table Divorce one of the most important benefits is it can help you resolve whatever you haven't yet agreed on, educate you and empower you to problem solve and complete tasks efficiently to finalize your divorce.

Birt Family Law offers both in-person and online services for The Kitchen Table Divorce. Whether you are at the beginning stages of your conversations or think you already have everything squared away, we can help tie up any loose ends. To learn more about our services and how to move forward, give Birt Family Law a call at (630) 891-2478. Book a free 15 min intro call by contacting our staff by phone or submitting your information via our Contact Form.

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