DuPage County Divorce Court


18th Judicial Circuit Court

505 N. County Farm Road, Wheaton, IL 60187

Looking for the DuPage County Divorce Court? DuPage County Divorce Court is located within the the DuPage County Courthouse at 505 N County Farm Road, Wheaton IL 60187.  All divorce cases for all towns, cities, and villages within DuPage County are heard at the DuPage County Courthouse in Wheaton, Illinois.  There are no district courts or other court locations in DuPage County for Divorce Court.

DuPage County Divorce Court Video

In the video below, I highlight the location of the DuPage County Divorce Courthouse and Divorce Court, ease of parking, and some tips about what and who you can bring to DuPage County Divorce Court with you.

DuPage County Divorce Court

DuPage County Divorce Courthouse

Dupage County Divorce Court Parking Garage

DuPage County Divorce Court Parking Lot

DuPage County Divorce Court Parking at DuPage County Fairgrounds

DuPage County Divorce Court Parking

You will want to arrive early to obtain parking at the DuPage County Divorce Courthouse.  The lot immediately in front of the courthouse is small and fills up fast since the lot is primarily for police officers and 30 minute parking only.  Your best bet is to proceed to the Parking Garage which has several parking levels.  Currently the first floor is for government employees and the top floor is for impounded cars, however you can easily park on levels 2, 3, and 4.

Be aware however, that most people proceed slowly through the Parking Garage instead of proceeding to the upper levels where parking is often available. Be patient.

If you don't mind walking, the DuPage County Fairgrounds to the east of the DuPage County Courthouse offers additional parking on pavement, on gravel, or in a vacant field.  If you park there, you may save some time, but be prepared to walk in mud or on gravel.

DuPage County Divorce Court Judges

Currently, there are ten Domestic Relations Courtrooms in DuPage County.  "Domestic Relations" is the formal term used for "divorce court" or "family law court". The DuPage County Circuit Court publishes the list of courtrooms and the judge assignments here.  The list is often updated as the judge assignments may change. It is wise to always review the courtroom assignments to know what judge is currently sitting in your assigned courtroom.  It does not leave a good impression on the judge if you send out a notice and motion listing the wrong courtroom or name.

DuPage County Divorce Court Electronic Filing (E-File)

Court documents for DuPage County Divorce Court need to be electronically filed whether you are represented by an attorney or representing yourself as a Pro Se Party. At Birt Law, our preferred approved e-file provider is Greenfiling.  It is extremely user friendly and offers a chat app with support staff to assist you.

Prior to July 1, 2019, all cases were either filed at the Circuit Court Clerk's Office or online at www.il.i2file.net.  It was a convenient way to file divorce petitions and uncontested divorce petitions.  You can read more about the DuPage County electronic filing changes and the approved e-file providers here.

Summary and Tips for Birt Law Client Scheduled to Appear in DuPage County Divorce Court

The courthouse is located at: 

505 N. County Farm Road
Wheaton, IL 60187

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled trial, hearing or status appearance. The time it takes to get through the parking garage and security can be unpredictable.  Please leave all phone and electronics in your car otherwise security will turn you away.

I will meet you outside your assigned courtroom in the hall way prior to the scheduled court appearance as I likely have other matters up earlier that morning. We will have prepared in advance for the court appearance.

Your courtroom is located on either the second or the third floor of the courthouse. If your courtroom begins with a 2, you are assigned to the second floor, and if it begins with a 3, you are assigned to the third floor. At the DuPage County Courthouse, you can either take the elevator or escalator to the second or third floor.

Business/work attire is appropriate for the hearing; you do not need to wear a formal suit if that is not customary for you.

If you are scheduled for a final hearing for an uncontested divorce, written notice via regular mail and email, per procedure, will be sent to your spouse by our firm.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at (630) 891-2478.

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