Illinois Co-Parenting Services


Illinois Co-Parenting Services

We provide several co-parenting levels of support for divorcing or separating parents with one goal in mind: keeping the separating family working together and creating solutions without being limited by, or threatened by, relevancy rules in a courtroom.

The firm's core objectives are:

  1. Promote and educate interested parties about the alternatives to courtroom litigation;
  2. Enable and empower each client to negotiate and create resolutions to family matters that consider and address their particular relationship, unique family, special family traditions, assets and liabilities, and hopes for the future;
  3. Commit to restorative divorce services to guide our clients to a place of peace and resolution.

Based upon these core objectives, our Restorative Divorce™ co-parenting services include: Parenting Coordinator, Parenting Coach, Guardian ad litem (Court ordered), Child Inclusive Mediation, and Uncontested Legal Services for Custody, Visitation, and Parenting Plans.

Parenting Coordinator

A Parenting Coordinator can be court ordered and it can be a privately retained service. A Parenting Coordinator can be retained privately by parents seeking to stay out of court but have a neutral help interpret, clarify, and address parenting matters not specifically addressed in a parenting order or parenting plan. A parenting coordinator can also be appointed by the Court to help minimize the effects of a high conflict coparenting relationship. A Parenting coordinator has the ability to address broader issues than the court and thus it helps the parents and children receive expedited clarity and a path forward.

A court ordered Parenting Coordinator service is not a confidential services and the PC may report back to the court. However, parents that privately retain a PC, can agree to the service being completely confidential.

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Parenting Coordination
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Parenting Coach

A Parenting Coach is not a legal service and is not a mediation service. It is an informal and broad task oriented service focused exclusively on parenting matters. The Parenting Coach will work with one parent, or sometimes both parents, on specific parenting tasks such as reviewing and improving coparenting communication (important if a parent faces threats of court involvement), identifying resources for improving parenting skills, implementing tools for improving co-parenting skills, locating and interviewing other parenting professionals to work with either a parent or a child. This is a great service for lower conflict coparents that need organization, guidance, and access to a coach's vast network of professionals. A coach can be used to prepare for a divorce or separation and can be used when transitioning to a post separation co-parenting relationship.

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Child Inclusive Mediation

Child Inclusive Mediation is a completely confidential and voluntary process designed to provide clarity for the family as a whole and to help parents better understand how their child or children are experiencing divorce or separation. This mediation process includes 2 professionals: our mediator and a child specialist. Together, the mediator and the child specialist work with the family to focus on a child's developmental and emotional needs while considering any significant decision as it relates to custody, visitation, and future parenting plans.

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Parenting Mediation Orientation
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Guardian ad litem

A Guardian ad litem is a court ordered service. The role of the Guardian ad litem, also called a GAL, is to conduct an investigation of the minor child/ren's best interests, to encourage settlement when possible, and if the case proceeds to hearing or a trial, to make a recommendation to the court pursuant to the terms of the GAL appointment order.

Please keep in mind that the Guardian ad litem is not the child/ren's attorney and not a parent's attorney. The Guardian ad litem is a court appointed expert of the court to investigate the best interests of the child/ren. Information shared with a Guardian ad litem is not confidential. 

If you have a court order appointing Erin Birt as your Guardian ad litem, please contact us for next steps.

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Uncontested Legal Services for Custody, Visitation, or Co-Parenting Conflict.

Uncontested legal services are for parents that agree to the separation, need legal guidance or have determined either through mediation or by working together upon a comprehensive parenting plan that includes the parental decision making responsibilities (custody), parenting time (visitation), and other special parenting provisions. This is a completely confidential legal process during which our attorney works with one parent to prepare all of the needed court documents to finalize your parenting plans and divorce or separation.

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Uncontested Divorce/Parenting
Legal Consultation
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Need Help Knowing What Service is a Good Fit? Contact our Illinois Co-Parenting Mediator and Custody Attorney 

If you are considering a divorce or separation and you have children, it is important that you know your options before you or the other parent runs off to court. Contact us today to learn about co-parenting services and we will provide you with an assessment and recommendation for needed services to help you protect your children from a hurtful family court process. (630) 891-2478.

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