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Our ideal client is an individual or couple who prioritizes collaboration and mutual respect in the divorce/separation or co-parenting process. We primarily work with individuals or couples where both parties are committed to finding an amicable resolution and are willing to communicate openly and honestly throughout the proceedings. Our clients understand the importance of seeking professional guidance to navigate the complexities of divorce or parenting matters, allowing them to focus on their well-being and future goals proactively with diligence and determination.

We acknowledge divorce and co-parenting is hard, however, we believe that the divorce or separation process should be as smooth and respectful as possible. Hence, our ideal client prefers to work with those that offer a compassionate approach to their unique circumstances.

If you are a divorcing or separating individual or couple with children in DuPage County & the Chicago area and want to keep the process less acrimonious, Birt Family Law offers Restorative Divorce, a proven process that keeps you out of court and minimizes conflict in order to protect your family throughout the process.

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Five Important Questions for Our Ideal Client

  1. Are you seeking a divorce, separation, or co-parenting services? That's our primary focus. We guide families through these transitions with care and proficiency.

  2. Do you have children, shared liabilities, assets, and financial support to resolve? That's at the heart of our practice. We ensure equitable financial and parenting outcomes.

  3. Do you want the process to be shorter, more affordable, and less acrimonious? That's where we excel. We prioritize efficiency, affordability, and minimal conflict for a smoother process.

  4. Is your separating partner or co-parent open to working towards a positive outcome? That's central to our approach. We facilitate constructive dialogue and mutually beneficial solutions.

  5. Do you want an experienced family lawyer to ensure all details are addressed? That's our differentiator. Our 20 years of family law experience mean you will be prepared for the legal process.

You're a perfect fit for our firm if you answered 'Yes' to all five questions! Let's get started! Together, let's forge a brighter path towards positive, out-of-court resolutions.

The Qualities of Our Ideal Client

  1. Commitment to Cooperation
  2. Openness to Self-Reflection
  3. Willingness to Learn
  4. Readiness for Change
  5. Ability to Set Boundaries
  6. Empathy and Compassion
  7. Long-Term Perspective

Commitment to Cooperation: The ideal client is committed to approaching the divorce process with a cooperative mindset, prioritizing respectful communication and mutual understanding.

Openness to Self-Reflection: They are open to reflecting on their past experiences and behaviors, willing to explore how these may impact their current situation and relationships.

Willingness to Learn: They are willing to engage in the process of learning and personal growth, recognizing that divorce or a separation is an opportunity for self-improvement and development.

Readiness for Change: The ideal client is ready to embrace change and make necessary adjustments to facilitate a smooth transition during and after the divorce or separation process.

Ability to Set Boundaries: They have the ability to set healthy boundaries for themselves and their co-parent, ensuring clear communication and mutual respect throughout the process.

Empathy and Compassion: They demonstrate empathy and compassion towards their co-parent and children, recognizing the emotional impact of the divorce or separation and striving to minimize conflict and distress.

Long-Term Perspective: They have a long-term perspective, understanding that the decisions made during the divorce or separation process will have lasting implications for themselves and their family, and are committed to creating a positive and sustainable co-parenting relationship.

Client Income & Estate Minimums

Determining client minimums for income and the value of the estate to afford our services can vary depending on various factors such as the complexity of the case, geographic location, and specific needs of the client. However, here's a general guideline:

Income: Clients should have a steady income that allows them to cover their basic living expenses and afford the fees associated with the divorce or separation process. While there is no specific minimum income requirement, clients should have sufficient financial stability to comfortably navigate the process without significant financial strain.

Value of Estate: Clients should have assets and property of significant value to justify the investment in a comprehensive divorce or separation process. This may include real estate, investments, retirement accounts, and other valuable assets. While there is no specific minimum value of the estate required, clients should have assets worth protecting and dividing during the divorce or separation process.

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Birt Family Law is the family centered law and mediation practice with a focus on Restorative Divorce; offering creative and supportive legal and mediation solutions with one goal: keeping the separating family out of court and working together towards a positive resolution.

We offer multiple options to achieve this goal including mediation, coaching, co-parenting strategies, and Restorative Divorce services. 

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Birt Family Law is committed to keeping the separating family out of court and working together towards a positive resolution.