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We invite you to learn more about us and our Restorative Divorce™ and family services below.

Here at Birt Family Law, we help people through life transitions by providing personalized and custom tailored family law and divorce services in DuPage County,  Kane County, Will County, certain districts in Cook County, throughout Illinois for our virtual remote legal clients, and throughout the U.S. for our mediation clients.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to have a divorce and family law attorney.  We can provide you with premarital mediation services, divorce mediation services, collaborative divorce services, co-parenting services, and parenting coordination services which remain unaffected by the current divorce courthouse restrictions, changes, reopenings, and backlogs. Learn more about how we are protecting our clients and still resolving divorce and parenting issues.

Our comprehensive divorce process is successful because it relies on the following rather than court involvement alone:

  • Utilizing a non-adversarial approach to resolving divorce and parenting disagreements through mediation, collaborative law, or divorce financial analysis.
  • Proactively taking control of the divorce rather than waiting for a reactive divorce court system.
  • Learning how to better manage parenting and divorce financial budgeting and planning.

Adjusting to parenting, divorce, or a separation can be difficult. Our staff is experienced in helping to motivate individuals and families to change and grow in a positive direction. For the convenience of our clients, we accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash for services and we also offer payment plans for qualifying clients via ClientCredit+Affirm

If you are considering a divorce or separation, please contact The Law Firm of Erin N. Birt, P.C. at (630) 891-2478 or privately by filling out our form located throughout the website and on the Contact page.

The firm frequently serves clients in Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Naperville, Warrenville, Winfield, Carol Stream, Bloomingdale, Lombard, Elmhurst, Downers Grove, and Oak Brook as well as other cities located in DuPage County, Illinois. We also have experience serving clients in Kane County, Will County, Lake County, Dekalb County, and certain districts in Cook County. Contact us to see if your legal services are within our service area or can be accomplished remotely via Zoom.

Learn more about the Restorative Divorce™ and family services we offer below.

Prenuptial Mediation

Prenuptial Agreements can be important tools to use to protect yourself and your assets going into a marriage. What's more: they offer transparency, and that's a good place to start a marriage. 

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Mediation and Family Law Mediation

DuPage County Divorce Mediation and Family Law Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method that assists parties in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.
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Court Ordered Mediation

DuPage Court Ordered Mediation is a confidential, informal, and non-adversarial process. A qualified and neutral mediator is selected by the parties…
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Collaborative Divorce Law

As an Illinois collaborative divorce lawyer, Ms. Birt frequently works with clients that recognize the importance of resolving family disputes privately and without the threat of going to court.
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Uncontested Divorce

An Uncontested Illinois Divorce means a divorce settlement has been reached by the parties on all divorce and custody issues prior to court involvement.
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A La Carte Divorce Services

Illinois A La Carte Divorce Services, also referred to as “limited scope services” and “unbundled legal services” is an affordable divorce option in Illinois.
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Virtual Divorce Attorney

I am available as a Virtual Illinois Divorce Attorney offering any Illinois resident these virtual options in addition to my family mediation, in-person divorce, and collaborative law services.
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Driver's License Reinstatement

Are you a parent that needs to transport your children for visitation, school, or other activities? As an attorney and former owner of an Illinois Licensed DUI Risk Education and Counseling Agency, I am available to provide you with legal services relating to reinstating driving privileges through an Illinois Secretary of State Formal or Informal Driver's License Hearing so you can continue to be involved in your child's schedule.
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Illinois Divorce Services

With over 15 years of family law and divorce experience, Attorney Erin Birt, can assist you with resolving your divorce in an efficient and reasonable manner.
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Parenting Coordinator

Parenting Coordination helps those that find it too stressful to communicate directly with a coparent, need a buffer in order to coparent successfully, are tired of saying or hearing "I'll see you in court," or wonder what can fill the gap between a disagreement and hiring an attorney.

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Legal Wellness Checklist - Legal Consulting

The personal legal wellness check-up is an assessment tool to understand better your current legal health. Understanding your current legal health is the key to preventing or minimizing legal troubles in your life.

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Client Wellness

We offer ongoing  legal consulting services for parents that wish to proactively minimize future litigation or wish to prepare for asking for increased parenting rights, custody, or visitation. 

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Family Centered Divorce ∙ Mediation ∙ Co-Parenting

Birt Family Law is the family centered law and mediation practice with a focus on restorative divorce; offering creative and supportive legal and mediation solutions with one goal: keeping the separating family out of court and working together towards a peaceful resolution.

We offer multiple options to achieve this goal including mediation, coaching, co-parenting strategies, and restorative divorce services. 

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