Why Fill Out Intake Forms?


Why Fill Out Our Intake Form?

Our office policy is to receive and review intake forms prior to any initial meeting with a prospective client such as an introductory telephone call, zoom orientation meeting, or paid consultation.

Below is a note from our mediator & attorney, Erin Birt, explaining a few reasons for the intake form policy:

7 Reasons Why Birt Family Law Asks for Your Information: 

Your Family's Story

1. Streamlining Your First Meeting. Filling out an intake form helps us make the most of our initial meeting time. It allows me to better understand your situation in advance so we can dive right into addressing your needs.

 2. Helping Me Understand Your Situation. The form asks for details about your legal issue, giving me a clear picture of what you're facing. This helps me assess how complex your case is and figure out the best way to help you.

 3. Sharing Your Background. I'll need some personal and legal background info. This helps me understand you better and ensures I can provide the right advice or information while considering any factors that might affect our work together.

Your Privacy & Financial Costs

 4. Ensuring Your Privacy. We take privacy seriously. The form and our discussions are kept confidential. My firm uses a service, Clio, to create a secure and trusting environment for our communications. Read more about our client portal security via Clio: https://www.clio.com/security/

 5. Tailoring Services to You. Your preferences and expectations matter. The form helps me customize my services to fit your needs, making sure you get the most out of our collaboration.

 6. Understanding Costs. It's important to talk about costs upfront. The form includes questions about your financial situation so we can discuss fees and agree on a plan that works for you.

Your Legal Success

 7. Meeting Legal Requirements. Some legal matters, and clients, have specific requirements or deadlines. The intake form helps us stay on top of any time-sensitive issues and ensures we address them promptly and have the information to do so.

Contact Us Today

By completing the intake form, you're not just providing information; you're helping us work together more efficiently and effectively to achieve the best outcomes for you. Empower your case! Take the first step toward tailored legal support by completing our intake form now. Your details pave the way for personalized assistance and a seamless mediator or client-attorney partnership. Let's get started on your journey to resolution today.

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