Our Family Wizard in Illinois Custody Cases


Our Family Wizard in Illinois Custody Cases

Did you know a parenting communication app such as Our Family Wizard can help you improve your coparenting communication, protect your children from parental conflict, and simplify your parenting schedule and parenting plan?

If you are interested in Our Family Wizard and you are contemplating a separation, divorce, or desire to imporve your coparenting relationship, contact our Illinois Custody Lawyer at (630) 891-2478 to draft your custom and legally binding parenting plan, custody order, and child support order.

What is Our Family Wizard?

It is a coparenting communication tool supported by many jurisdictions if you have a pending custody case. It is also used voluntarily by parents that value organized communication that can replace texting, emails, and social media. 

The features included in Our Family Wizard help eliminate the common communication issues and provides a buffer between parents, if needed, to help keep your kids out of parenting communications and parenting planning. 

Why Should I Use Our Family Wizard for Illinois Custody Communication?

Our Family Wizard is a great resource that provides reliable communication and shared documentation to keep parents communication records organized and simple.  Parents cannot alter past communications and therefore there is always a concrete thread and record of reliable communications. 

The tool also helps keep all team members in sync. Parents can give access to the tool to their family members (grandparents), an attorney, parenting coordinator, divorce coach, parenting coach, Guardian ad litem, custody evaluator, or child specialist. Therefore, every team member can have access to the correct information and it can help with accountability and positive communication.

How Do I Start Using Our Family Wizard?

There are simple plans and affordable payment options including payment waivers and military family discounts. Our Family Wizard provides a free account with limited tools, accounts for children with safeguards to keep it child-friendly, and paid plans (starting at $99) to connect with extended family members, divorce or parenting professionals, and court professionals. Go to ourfamilywizard.com/families to get started. 

Alternatives to Our Family Wizard?

Many families rely on Google Calendars, Gmail accounts, texting, and other social media apps for communication and for some families this works just find. If, however, you want to be more organized, prioritize family communication notifications, and have easy document sharing capabilities, a parenting communication tool like Our Family Wizard is a great option. Some families also consider Talking Parents. Read about both to make a good decision for your family and budget. 

Contact our Illinois Custody Lawyer for Better Coparenting Communication

If you are researching parenting communication tools, you may also need an experienced custody attorney and mediator to help you navigate a long term coparenting relationship. At Birt Law we work with clients everyday to develop best practices for a successful custody plan, parenting schedule, and modification of parenting plans as the child grows up. Download our free coparenting declaration to start focusing on positive coparenting and Contact Us Today to get started on your better tomorrow. 


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