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With over a 19 years of family law and divorce experience, Attorney Erin Birt, can assist you with resolving your divorce, separation, or parenting disagreement in an efficient and reasonable manner. Rely on her legal experience as well as her access to the best divorce experts in the area to address and resolve the following divorce related issues:

  • Parenting Time Allocation (Visitation)
  • Allocation of Parental Decision Making (Custody)
  • Developing Modern Parenting Plans
  • Interstate Custody Mediation
  • Interstate Parenting Coordination
  • Guideline Child Support and Income Sharing Child Support in Parenting Disputes
  • Allocation of College Expenses in Divorce
  • Maintenance or Spousal Support in Divorce
  • Marital Asset Identification and Valuation
  • Non-marital Asset Identification
  • Retirement Planning
  • Debt Allocation
  • Name Changes
  • Attorney Fee Contributions in Divorce or Parenting Disputes

Since 2003, Illinois Divorce Attorney, Erin Birt, has handled litigation matters, mediation cases, and represented divorce clients in the court system, however, she highly recommends no-court divorce options such as Mediation, Collaborative DivorceUncontested Divorce, and Flat Fee Divorce.

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