The Kitchen Table Divorce: Tailored Solutions for Amicable Divorces


The Kitchen Table Divorce: Tailored Solutions for Amicable Divorces

Introduction to The Kitchen Table Divorce

Welcome to The Kitchen Table Divorce, a service offered by The Law Firm of Erin N. Birt, P.C. (Birt Family Law). Our approach is centered around empowering couples to navigate divorce with control and clarity. The Kitchen Table Divorce (KTD) allows couples to minimize costs by negotiating agreements themselves, tailored to their unique needs and circumstances. You can read more from our podcast transcript about our experiences with a Kitchen Table Divorce and please feel free to assess here whether it is a good fit.

The kitchen table has long been used as a metaphor for resolving family issues, and The Kitchen Table Divorce extends this concept to the divorce process. It's about finding practical, cost-effective solutions outside of the courtroom. As Erin Birt explains:

"The Kitchen Table Divorce is about couples taking control of their divorce process and finding practical, cost-effective solutions."

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Our Approach to The Kitchen Table Divorce

At The Law Firm of Erin N. Birt, P.C. (Birt Family Law), we believe in providing couples with the tools and resources to handle divorce discussions directly. This approach fosters mutual understanding and promotes agreements that reflect the parties' priorities and concerns. We will supply you with materials such as a journal, workbook, and agendas to make your conversations and meetings most productive.

Flat Fees & Services Offered for The Kitchen Table Divorce

Our fee structure is designed to accommodate various divorce complexities:

  • Flat Fee: Suitable for straightforward cases where agreements can be finalized efficiently with our team's guidance and expertise. This is a 90 day program. The flat fee for this service is three (3) monthly installment payments. You can also apply for a more flexible payment plan via ClientCredit. You will receive prioritized meetings with Erin, tailored strategies and personalized solutions, access to our comprehensive network of professionals, and ease of mind while securing a court-approved settlement.

  • KTD Self-Paced Course: At home and self-paced, The Kitchen Table Divorce course includes a flat fee, guidebook, streamlined process, and for the person that purchased the course: a 30 min educational zoom meeting with Erin

Tips & Beneficial Information for Starting The Kitchen Table Divorce

  • Outline Discussion Points: Before diving into discussions, it's crucial to outline the topics that need to be addressed. Erin Birt emphasizes the importance of preparation:

    "Developing an outline is key to navigating emotionally challenging topics and ensuring focus during discussions, The Kitchen Table Divorce gives you the tools to have challenging conversations and be productive."

  • Be Open to Multiple Discussions: Tyler Birt highlights the value of taking time and being open to multiple discussions:

    "There's often an impulse to get everything knocked out in one meeting at home or with our team. It's better to take more time and ensure that the overall agreement is mutually agreed upon and in everyone's best interests. That is the primary focus of The Kitchen Table Divorce."

FAQ About The Kitchen Table Divorce

Do I Need an Attorney for The Kitchen Table Divorce?

Our team, along with Attorney Erin Birt, can guide you through legal requirements for Illinois, ensure all necessary topics are addressed, and assist in finalizing agreements in court. You can read more tips and tools from our blog on this topic, here

Is The Kitchen Table Divorce a Good Idea for Me?

The Kitchen Table Divorce can be effective for couples with relatively amicable separations & straightforward financial situations that can communicate well with each other and our team. However, complex issues may require additional professional guidance. We excel in these situations and can introduce you to our vetted group of divorce professionals. Assess if The Kitchen Table Divorce for you, here. 

What are the costs for The Kitchen Table Divorce?

Let's connect by phone for a free 15-minute call to discuss your overall needs and goals. You will get a flat fee quote to help you get started on our straightforward process with transparent pricing. 

Getting Started with Us

Contact The Law Firm of Erin N. Birt, P.C. (Birt Family Law) to begin The Kitchen Table Divorce journey. We offer personalized support and legal guidance to ensure your agreements are comprehensive, legally sound, and ready for a court's review. For inquiries or to schedule a free 15 min introductory telephone call, please call us at (630) 891-2478 or submit a contact form.

Navigate your divorce with control and confidence through The Kitchen Table Divorce. We're here to assist you every step of the way.


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