Cancellation Policy


Cancellation Policy

We understand that changes do happen and sometimes a service contract needs to be cancelled or come to an end. Below, we have set forth expectations and protocols to end services and a contract while still respecting the family law process and the valid contract signed at the start of services. Please note, there are two ways services can be cancelled: Services can be cancelled by the client or services can be canceled by the firm. 

While the cancellation of services is rare, it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the process. First, if you have a concern or complaint, please let us know. The firm wants you to be satisfied with all services provided to you and with all staff that you interact with during your family law process. You will not be billed for this review of your concern or compliant. Second, if circumstances have changes such that services are no longer needed, please continue to read on to learn about our cancellation policy.

Option 1: Discharge of Firm by Client

Sometimes, a client wishes to discharge the firm because they have reconciled with their spouse. Other times, a client may no longer be able to invest in legal, mediation, consulting, or coaching services or they have decided the firm is no longer a good fit for their goals. In any case, a client always has the right to discharge the firm and end services.

You may discharge the firm at any time, provided that the firm shall be entitled to payment for all work performed prior to the discharge, and shall further be entitled to reimbursement of any expenses, charges or costs that the firm may have advanced or incurred on your behalf during the course of the representation or mediation.

Cancel Mediation: This must take place during a mediation session so all parties can address the desire to cancel and next steps.

Cancel Legal Representation: If you do elect to discharge the firm, we require that you notify the firm of it's discharge in writing to our office located at 2100 Manchester Rd Ste B 954, Wheaton IL 60187. The firm will confirm receipt of the notice within 48 business hours of receiving the written notice at our office location. Upon receiving the written notice, the firm will generate your final invoice, refund your retainer, if any, and send written confirmation of the discharge and the final invoice to your last known address.

Option 2: Withdrawal of Representation by Firm

There are times, while not often, that the firm will decide to withdraw it's representation of a client or to end mediation services.

As a case progresses, the firm may determine that pursuing the matter further would not be beneficial to either you or the firm, or that circumstances have developed which hinder continued effective representation or hinder neutral mediation.  If this occurs, the firm is permitted withdraw at any time by sending written notice to your last known address. 

This written notice will also include your final invoice and the refund of your retainer, if any, less the costs and fees as set forth in your service contract. The firm is entitled to payment for all work performed prior to the withdrawal, and is also entitled to reimbursement of any expenses, charges or costs that the firm may have advanced or incurred on your behalf during the course of the representation or mediation process.

The firm does not take this step lightly. Prior to any withdrawal, the firm will have conducted a case management review of your matter and scheduled appointments to discuss the matter directly with the client. This review is never billed to the client.

Why Might the Firm Withdraw Legal Representation?

Some reasons why the firm might terminate an attorney-client relationship and withdraw from representation include: if you fail to fully cooperate with the firm; if you fail to keep the firm advised of your current address, email, and phone number; if you fail to follow the firm's advice or engage in conduct which makes representation unreasonably difficult; if you insist that the firm engage in conduct which the firm determines to be illegal or unethical; or if you fail to promptly pay fees and expenses or replenish a retainer as provided in the service contract.

Unresolved Questions or Concerns?

While we strive to work out any disputes or disagreements directly with a client, if that is not possible, any dispute arising under or relating to the engagement of legal services will be submitted to arbitration in DuPage County, Illinois for resolution per the terms of the service contract. 

Do You Need Assistance Cancelling Your Current Contract with a Different Firm?

Have you decided to end cancel your contract with a different firm and start services with Birt Law? We can assist you with the cancellation of your Attorney Client Contract with a different firm. Contact us today at (630 891-2478 to learn more about how we can help you end your current contract with a different firm and start services with our firm to better address your family law needs. 

The above is a summary of our cancellation policy and  the above statements in no way alters, amends, modifies, or revises the written attorney client contract or mediation contract for your case. Please refer to your specific contract for applicable cancellation provisions.

The firm's cancellation policy also does not apply to any court ordered mediation services or court ordered Guardian ad litem appointments. For such court ordered services, the appropriate court must review and approve any attempt to cancel a court ordered service. 

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