DuPage County Parenting Education for Divorcing Parents


DuPage County Parenting Education for Divorcing Parents

All parents going through a divorce in DuPage County must attend a court approved parenting class per local court rules.  The Court approved program is called Caring, Coping, & Children.  It is offered both in-person (subject to Covid - 19 restrictions) and virtually online.  Both the in-person and virtual class program are four hour programs.  There is a $100 fee for the parenting class.

Questions about Caring, Coping & Children?

Please find links below to the in-person course and online course.  It is always best to contact the provider directly with any questions about the program (especially during Covid). At Birt Law, we encourage our divorce clients and mediation clients to complete the online course at the earliest opportunity as it will help you during the divorce or mediation process.

Proof of Completing Caring Coping & Children

After attending the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. Remember to save your certificate of completion and send our  office a copy for our records. Depending on the type of divorce case, our office will file the certificate of completion with the Circuit Court Clerk's Office.

Please note that a court will not enter a parenting plan, called an Allocation Judgment, with out proof that both parents have attending the Caring, Coping & Children parenting course.

Learn more and enroll in the Caring, Coping, & Children Program

Caring, Coping & Children (In-Person)

Caring, Coping & Children (Online Course)

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