Peacemaker Pledge for Illinois Divorces



  • I will think about peace, why peace is important and how it works.
  • I will help use my peacemaker efforts to help resolve and prevent conflict:
  • In my own family
  • In my office
  • In my work with clients, their families, friends, and other professional colleagues ;
  • In the mediation profession; and
  • In my local community, my country, and throughout the world

Our team reviews and recommits to this pledge every year in January. Join us in the prevention of conflict through peacemaking efforts. We encourage all divorce and family law professionals to sign this pledge and to exhibit peacemaking efforts in all family law negotiations. We can help restore peace within the family unit and our communities if we all exhibit and practice peacemaking efforts. 

Learn more about Client Wellness and Legal Wellness to further restore peace and positive outcomes for yourself and your family. 

The Peacemaker Pledge was first published by Forrest S. Mosten in June 1996 during a Keynote Address at Manhattan College for undergraduate students in the Peace Studies Major.

Download our free Peacemaker Declarations to help you refocus and recommit to peacemaking each day.

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