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  • Resolving Parenting Disputes for the Best Interests of a Teen Daughter

    April 2024

    In a challenging divorce, Attorney Erin Birt resolved parenting conflicts for the best interests of a teen daughter. Mother Sarah was concerned about father John's disinterest, while John felt Sarah was controlling. Erin, serving as GAL (Guardian ad Litem), utilized mediation skills and investigation protocols to prioritize the teen's well-being, prevent litigation, and repair co-parenting harmony. Read On

  • Finding Co-Parenting Harmony Amidst Differences

    February 2024

    Successfully resolved custody dispute for a child with a first responder father and full time working mother, prioritizing child's well-being and fostering co-parenting harmony. Read On

  • Empowering Divorce: Achieving Family Goals Amidst Adversity

    January 2024

    In the face of financial turmoil due to her husband's gambling addiction, a young mother sought to relocate with her children for family support. With strategic negotiation, a divorce attorney secured their move while preserving father-child bonds, all while keeping costs low and achieving client satisfaction. Read On

  • Finding Common Ground: Navigating Co-Parenting Challenges

    November 2023

    A separated couple with a young child sought our firm's mediation services to establish a cooperative co-parenting plan, prioritizing their child's well-being. Read On

  • Efficient Resolution and Empathetic Guidance in an Uncontested Divorce with Birt Family Law

    August 2023

    Our attorney, Erin Birt, recently represented a wife, we will call Jaime, during her DuPage County uncontested divorce proceedings. In this case, both parties were in complete agreement regarding the divorce, and they, like many of our past clients, had no children or shared property. This similarity positions our firm well to streamline the process and minimize any potential stress or complications for our uncontested divorce clients with no children. Read On

  • Victory Over Deceit: Unveiling Justice in a Complex Divorce Saga

    November 2023

    Let's call our client John, a hardworking man in his 50s, who, after years of dedicated service to his family, found himself facing the complexities of a divorce. His wife, let's call her Sarah, had taken measures to conceal a significant portion of her income and retirement benefits, and to complicate matters further, she had entered into a new relationship. Read On

  • Harmony Amid Complexity: A Mediation Success Story in Navigating Divorce with an Adult Son in College

    October 2023

    Our mediator had the privilege of assisting a couple facing the unique circumstances of having an adult son in college. Their journey through mediation was an inspiring example of how open communication and a collaborative approach can lead to a successful resolution. Read On

  • Triumph in Turmoil: How Our Client Preserved His Business in the Face of Divorce Challenges

    December 2022

    In a challenging divorce, we debunked false claims, securing a liberal parenting schedule. Our strategic approach also preserved our client's business, saving time and money, bringing emotional and financial relief. A triumphant tale of navigating complexities with success. Read On

  • Success in the Courtroom: How Strategic Advocacy Secured Custody and Financial Victory in a High-Stakes Divorce

    October 2022

    Embark on an inspiring divorce success story where a resilient mother, balancing a demanding career, secures majority parenting time and financial support. Through meticulous discovery and strategic pretrial conferences, our legal team debunked false claims, ensuring a fair resolution. Discover the power of perseverance and tailored legal advocacy at Birt Family Law. Read On

  • Higher Education Divorce

    Wife desired to have a doctorate in mental health services and relied heavily on her husband to care for their young children while she pursued her career goals. Our client reported that she lost focus on their relationship and likely started to date a fellow student. He did not want to make an issue of the new significant other but he had concerns about having a supportive co-parent and was stressed out about the financial burden of his wife's education, growing children, and increasing extracurricular expenses. Read On

  • Contemplating Divorce

    Our client was in a very difficult marriage and she was wondering if divorce was the right choice for her and her children. She spent countless hours online trying to research what was best for her and her children. She quickly became overwhelmed with all of the options for parenting time and parenting schedules and tried to turn to family and friends for advice but they were always too busy or minimized her challenges. Read On

  • Working Mother Divorce

    Our client was an executive at a local corporation and she balanced working full time and raising two children well. Her spouse, however, did not participate much in the rearing of their children and would often isolate himself in the basement rather than spend time with the children or family. The children were struggling with anxiety and issues at school and their father seemed to just check out. The father also worked but he appeared too busy or disinterested to care for the children. To stop the downward trend, our client hired our firm to proactively address the looming divorce. Read On

  • Business Owner Divorce

    The business our client built from scratch during the marriage was finally thriving, however, his marriage was not. They had young children, a mortgage, and debts associated with the family owned business. His biggest fear and greatest challenge was to figure out how will he be able to support himself and his children if he had to either close, sell, or buy out the business from his wife? He was a business owner facing divorce and he didn't know what to do. Read On

  • Maintenance Payments Barred Forever

    Our client knew his wife was having an affair. She flaunted it. Soon after he left the marital residence, his fears came true, his wife had moved her boyfriend into his house with his kids. Our firm hired a private investigator to watch the house, monitor who was present at the house, and to ensure the safety of the children. Our attorney strived to resolve the case by settlement, but knew, if needed, she was absolutely prepared to present a well organized case to a judge that included putting the wife on the stand about her infidelities. Read On

  • Divorce Paperwork

    Our client had limited income after devoting most of her adult life to raising children. She retained our firm on a limited scope basis to help her draft divorce paperwork. She would not have otherwise had access to justice for her children as she did not qualify for legal aid and did not have sufficient funds for an attorney to represent her on all issues. Read On

  • Divorce Vacation

    Our mediation clients were parents to a young child and the father had extended family in another country. By keeping the case out of court, we were able to focus on a new tradition post divorce for vacations and special times rather than relying on just the past actions or customs of the family while married. Read On

  • Dog Custody

    Our client came to us worried that he would lose half of his premarital accounts and his beloved dogs to his unreliable husband. They were married for a relatively short duration, and once he realized how irresponsible his husband was and how he could ultimately be a liability, he sought representation with our office. Read On

  • Cat Custody

    Angry and upset, our client risked jeopardizing his financial settlement to pursue his beloved cats that he cared for daily. He knew he could not give them up as it would be a death sentence to let his wife take the cats. He contacted us and developed a plan. Read On

  • Incarcerated Husband Divorce

    She spent hours online researching her divorce options figuring she could do it herself. She knew she needed a divorce but had no idea how to divorce her incarcerated husband and protect her children from not only the dangers of their father but also the negative impact of visiting a high security prison. She couldn’t afford a high cost litigation case. She found our website and contacted us. Read On

  • Single Mom Divorce

    Our client filed her divorce case on her own because she couldn’t afford a divorce attorney and she no longer wanted to be attached to any wrongdoing her husband might be up to or any financial liabilities he might be incurring. After being overwhelmed by the self represented court system in DuPage County, she contacted our office for help. Read On

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