Personal Legal Wellness Check-up

Personal Legal Wellness Check-up

Personal Legal Wellness Check-up for Divorce or Parenting Matters in DuPage County

Please complete the below legal wellness check-up and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

The personal legal wellness check-up is an assessment tool to understand better your current legal health. Understanding your current legal health is the key to preventing or minimizing legal troubles in your life. Our firm also encourages you to focus on personal client wellness and coparenting wellness.

Write or print out your responses to the below check-up, and review the checklist every year as many things in life quickly change. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us or a lawyer in your area.


  1. Do you have a will which has been revised within the past 3 years?
  2. Are there any estate planning changes which should be considered?
  3. Is your contract of employment, partnership (PC, etc.) agreement both current and adequate for your current needs?
  4. Are you adequately covered by policies of life, vehicle, liability (both personal and professional), disability, umbrella, and other insurance?
  5. Do you have any financial or liability exposures which are insurable but presently uninsured (e.g. disability insurance, umbrella policy)?
  6. Have the liability policy limits changed within the past three years?
  7. Are there any potential claims which could be asserted against you?
  8. Do you presently have a written and current listing of all important future dates, such as expiration, option, maturity and due dates?
  9. Have you within the past 5 years checked whether the Social Security Administration has properly accounted for your future benefits?
  10. Do you have a file, stored in a secure and fireproof location, containing all important documents (wills, securities, contracts, marriage/divorce papers, deeds, pension/profit sharing plans etc.)?
  11. Have you within the past 3 years reviewed the beneficiary designation on all documents which requires such information??
  12. Do you have a complete and current personal financial statement which lists in detail all of your personal assets and liabilities?
  13. Do you have a complete and current inventory of all of your physical possessions, sufficient to support a claim in the event of a loss?
  14. To the extent the foregoing questions are relevant to your spouse (if any) and minor children (if any) are there any matters or issues which should be updated, reconsidered or changed?
  15. To the extent there are persons other than spouse or children for whom you may have some responsibilities (e.g. aging parents) are there items or issues which should be updated or changed?

Have any of these questions caused you to consider taking some action or making some further review?

Is there any other major category of personal legal exposure which should be included on this summary list? (Please specify)

Preventative Legal Care

Our attorney, Erin Birt, can help you assess your current legal health. Why assess your current legal health? Not only will it help you organize important matters and documents for yourself and your family, it can prevent complex legal issues.  Contact us to discuss your questions and experience how we help our clients prevent legal troubles in their life and schedule a consultation and planning session with our experienced attorney.

Attribution: This checklist was created by trusted colleague, mentor, and mediator Forrest S. Mosten. He authorized its use to the members of his Mediation Practice Group on 10/26/21.

If you need to update your estate planning due to a divorce or parenting matter, read more about Wills FAQ, Changing a Will, Irrevocable Trusts, Revocable Trusts, and Special Needs Planning

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