Meet Ali & Rudy


Both Ali and Rudy are Clumber Spaniels.

Ali is a lively girl who survived a medical condition against all odds. As a puppy, Ali had a liver shunt and survived surgery to go on to become a fun-loving dog who likes nothing more than to eat leaves and lick smiling faces.

Rudy was rescued by the Clumber Spaniel Rescue and Placement Committee of the AKC and went on to become Ali's brother. He spends his days sleeping, snoring, and running all around his backyard.

Both Ali and Rudy enjoy walking, swimming and training to become Therapy Dogs. Research indicates just looking at a dog can make you smile and we often use pictures of Ali & Rudy to help our youngest clients feel more comfortable, and smile.

Viewing their pictures can help lower the stress for children involved in a Guardian ad litem case and adults seeking a mediation friendly attorney, an experienced mediator, a collaborative divorce attorney, or a settlement based family law attorney.  

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