Coparenting Daily Declaration


It's important to focus on positive coparenting even on days when you feel that might not be possible. Below is our Coparenting Declaration that not only helps you focus on being the best co-parent you can be, it also teaches you about the best interest factors for parenting time in Illinois.

Coparenting Declaration:

I am good, capable, present, attentive, accommodating, responsive, perceptive, understanding, supportive, considerate, respectful, family oriented, aware, organized, timely, watchful, protective, not self-centered, caring, encouraging, I am a good, capable, supportive parent. I will model positive coparenting behavior so our child can thrive.

You can download our coparenting daily declaration below to post anywhere you need as a reminder to yourself that you are a good parent and can successfully coparent through any parenting challenge that comes your way. 

Let's expand our coparenting declaration and apply it to the Illinois statutory factors so that you will be successful not only in the eyes of the Court but in the eyes of your child. Remember even in amicable or non-litigated divorces, the Court still must approve your written parenting plan.

Good, Capable, Fit Parent

I have reached a mutually agreed written parenting plan with my co-parent

I am a fit parent

My co-parent is a fit parent

If the above does not apply to your case – there are other declaration pages that will address your needs to protect yourself and your children if you cannot agree or your coparent is not fit to make decisions or currently have parenting time

I will not endanger my child's physical, mental, moral or emotional health.


I wish to spend quality time with my child.

Accommodating, Responsive

I understand that my co-parent wishes to and should spend quality time with our child.


I wish for our child to have a positive relationship with both parents.

Perceptive, Understanding, Considerate

I will always consider my child's maturity and ability to express reasoned and independent preferences as to parenting time.

I will strive to reach agreements with my co-parent for the best interest of our child.


I respect that each parent has devoted time to the caretaking of our child and understand those roles will change for better upon our child having two separate homes.

Family Oriented, Aware

I am supportive of my child's interrelationship with their other parent, any siblings, and extended family.

I am aware stability is important for my child and I recognize my child is  adjusted to their school, home, and community at both at my residence and my co-parent's residence or new residence for my child in the future.

Organized, Timely

I seek to minimize the cost and difficulty of transporting our child between homes and will consider our child's daily schedule and the feasibility of transportation for both parents.

Watchful, Protective

I will speak up if there is any physical violence or threat of physical violence to our child or any member of our child's homes.

Not Self-Centered, Selfless

I will place my child's needs ahead of my own needs.

Caring, Encouraging

I am willing and able to encourage a close and continuing relationship between my co-parent and our child.

Download our Coparenting Daily Declaration.

Contact us today to help you become the best co-parent you can be and to successfully draft your court approved parenting plan. Our clients are often surprised about the many legal issues that need to be addressed and resolved in a parenting plan especially since online forms do not address all of the specifics for an Illinois parenting case. Read more about our client's experiences below.


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