Cook County Parenting Class for Divorcing Couples


Cook County Parenting Class for Divorcing Couples

At Birt Law, we encourage all of our Cook County divorce clients to attend the Cook County Parenting Class either in-person or online at the earliest opportunity.  Not only does it provide our clients with valuable information for helping their child or children with the divorce or separation, it is a requirement for all Cook County divorce cases where children are involved.

Approved Cook County Parenting Classes: Focus on Children and Children in Between Online

 The Cook County Clerk states that the only parent education programs authorized by the Circuit Court of Cook County are:

  1. Focus on Children (FOCUS) in-class parent education program; and
  2. Children in Between Online (CIBO) online parent education program

Unfortunately, we have heard stories where other parents decide to enroll in different parenting courses and if they are not recognized by the Cook County Court, it will delay finishing your divorce, so make sure to only attend the above parenting classes. 

Remember your Certificate of Completion

After you complete Focus on Children or Children in Between Online, you will receive a “Certificate of Completion,” which is your proof for the court that you completed the program. Please make sure to provide a copy of this certificate to our office by email, fax, or via your private Clio folder so that we can submit same to the court on your behalf.  

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