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In Illinois Custody matters, parental communication can be enhanced by using a parenting communication tool such as Talking Parents. Parents can voluntarily decide to use this helpful tool on their own, they can decide in mediation to proactively sign up, or a court might order then to only communicate via Talking Parents. Divorce professionals and Courts within Illinois often rely on Talking Parents for many shared- parenting situations as there is better communication through accountability.  

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What is Talking Parents in Illinois Custody Cases?

Talking Parents is ideal for many parenting situations such as: 

1. Paternity Cases;

2. Domestic Violence Cases; 

3. No-Contact between parent orders;

4. Divorce Cases; 

5. Child Custody Dispute Cases; 

6. Increased convenience for parents that are amicable and get along. 

If a parenting relationship is high conflict, using Talking Parents can help parents focus on only parenting communication without the need for the other parent's email address or telephone number. For parents that get along or voluntarily use Talking Parents for organized communication, it can be a resource for clarifying and verifying any temporary changes to your parenting responsibilities and parenting schedule

Why Use Talking Parents for Illinois Custody Cases?

Parents can easily organize their parenting communications to minimize conflict. Social networking sites, Emails, Text Messages are convenient too, however, they fail to prioritize important parenting communications regarding shared parenting responsibilities and possible court monitoring, if needed. 

Talking Parents is a free program that replaces disorganized emails and text messages. It keeps a complete, organized, chronological record of parental communication between the parents. There is also no chance the record can be lost due to hardware, software, or technical issues. 

The records cannot be altered by a parent and a parent is unable to delete any communications, the only thing a parent can do is add to their prior communications and Talking Parents will keep an accurate record including the communication, date, and time.

Talking Parents can be used on any smartphone, tablet, or computer making it easy for anyone to use the program at home, work, or even at a public library if needed for computer access. 

How it Works - How to Use Talking Parents for your DuPage County (or beyond) Custody Communication

It is easy to start using Talking Parents. There are 6 basic steps for you to manage your account, records, and communications. 

1. Sign Up for an account at  Your email address used will not be shared with the other parent. 

2. Start Communicating. Once signed in, you can start a new conversation. 

3. View Your Messages. All unread messages are clearly marked to draw your attention to the message. You can post a communication in any conversation at any time. 

4. Share Files with Your Coparent. You can include up to 5 attachments to each message. Note: the files do not become part of the record but the details do, so please be careful about the description or title of the record you are sharing so it can be included in the record. 

5. Manage Your Account. Keep your password, email, and time zone up to date. 

6. Order Complete Records. You can order a copy or certified copy of your records at any time to share with your attorney, guardian ad litem, parenting coordinator, or the court. 

You can create your free account today at

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