Remote and Virtual Meetings with Your Wheaton Divorce Attorney


We are committed to meeting our clients face to face to work on their divorce or parenting goals.  While in-person meetings are often preferred, there are times when clients need to meet with us remotely or via video conferencing.  To accommodate our clients and to ensure a continuity of family law services when we are unable to meet in-person, we rely on video conferencing software. 

If the need arises for a remote meeting, our firm prefers to use Zoom for the following: 

  • remote intake meetings,
  • client meetings with our Divorce Attorney,
  • client meetings with our Divorce Financial Analyst,
  • divorce or parenting mediation,
  • collaborative divorce settlement conferences;
  • preparation for upcoming court appearances in jurisdictions that rely on Zoom. 

If you have never used Zoom, don't worry, it is as easy as using a phone to dial-in or clicking a few buttons from our emailed invitation to join a meeting. Below we have included several pictures to guide you through the process of joining our firm for a Zoom meeting or mediation session. We can also schedule a 15 minute telephone conference prior to any Zoom meeting to make sure you are all set and ready for our remote meeting.

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Zoom Meeting Invite?

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Remote Zoom Meeting

To meet with our Virtual Wheaton Divorce Attorney, Erin Birt, or our paralegal you will follow the steps listed below (note: you won't have to do this each time and it might be as simple as clicking a link in our invite if you have already used Zoom before).

Zoom Email Invitation

Our office will email you an invitation to join a Zoom meeting. You can join by clicking the link (#1), visiting and typing in the meeting ID (#2); or dial-in by telephone using your location (#3)

Step 1

After clicking on the invitation links or visiting, you will see the "Join a Meeting" screen & you will type in the Meeting ID from your email invitation

Step 2

If you are new to Zoom or have not yet used Zoom on your device: You will likely be prompted to download Zoom, follow these steps 2- 6. Step 2 - You will select "Save File" to open the Zoom program

Step 3

You will click the downloaded file to run the Zoom program

Step 4

You will click "yes" to allow the app to make changes

Step 5

You will either immediately access the meeting or wait for our firm to start the meeting at the scheduled time

Step 6

You have the option to test your speakers and mic to make sure you can hear and participate

We have offered remote and virtual divorce services and mediation sessions from our primary office location in Wheaton, IL for over 15 years.  We look forward to seeing you via Zoom in the near future.

If you are not already set for a Zoom appointment with our firm, contact us today to start services or click the "Schedule Remote Appointment" button on the top right of this page if using a desk top, or by filling out the contact form if using your mobile device, and we will reach out by phone to discuss how best we can work together to resolve your divorce or parenting issue.

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