Interested in Divorce Mediation Services?


Interested in Divorce Mediation Services?

Thank you for your interest in the divorce mediation services of The Law Firm of Erin N. Birt, P.C., also known as Birt Law.  You may want to share this page with the other parent or party to see if mediation services with our office is agreeable. If so, please ensure that both parties contact our office and our friendly staff can coordinate schedules for the first mediation session to be held via Zoom or in-person.

How much does Mediation cost at Birt Law?

Our mediation services use a similar structure that has been approved by the Domestic Relations Division in DuPage County for all Illinois mediation matters (regardless of county of residence).  Therefore, if you live in a different Illinois county, no problem at all, we can help you just the same. 

The mediation rate for divorce matters is $275.00 - $325.00 per hour. The hourly rate applies to both mediation sessions and work by our mediator outside of the session. Unlike many other firms, our mediation session fee includes the preparation of an agenda prior to any mediation session to make your time spent in mediation the most productive. Also, for your convenience and/or payment plan needs, we accept cash, checks, and credit cards for payment of services. Contact us to learn the rate applicable to your case and an estimate of services. 

How long is Mediation?

Please note that mediation should be attempted for 3 hours prior to seeking any relief in court and we accommodate such guidelines by asking that clients commit to at least 3 hours of mediation. Therefore, the initial mediation fees cover 3 hours of mediation and 1 hour of administrative functions. Any additional mediation sessions, document review, and document production beyond the sessions agendas, are billed at the hourly rate.

Why should I mediate with Birt Law?

Our mediator, Erin Birt, is a court approved mediator for DuPage County, as well as other counties, and therefore her services comply with local court rules requiring mediation prior to seeking court assistance. Most of her mediation clients never have to seek court assistance to resolve their family issues. Ms. Birt's divorce experience includes 18+ years of mediation experience, she is a past board member for the Mediation Council of Illinois, and she is also often a presenter and trainer for other mediators at approved continuing education seminars.  She enjoys training other mediators while always seeking training for herself as well.  She is a member of the Mosten Guthrie Academy mediation practice group so that she can provide her clients with up to date tools and best mediation practices.  Her goal is for her mediation clients to be able to start a new beginning in less time than a traditional stressful divorce.

When is Mediation?

The first mediation session is scheduled during regular business hours, thereafter the office may offer existing clients evening hours if preferred and if available. Mediation during business hours is generally offered at either 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM Monday - Friday, however, we might be able to offer other meeting times as well. Please contact the office to let us know your availability and we will do our best to schedule your session at time convenient for you.

Please note that mediation sessions are conducted via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or telephone at this time and until further example set by the judicial system. We also offer limited in-person availability provided clients agree to answer Covid -19 health related questions and wear a face covering while in our office.

Next Steps to Start Divorce Mediation

 If you are ready to start mediation, please contact us. Once an appointment is agreed upon by both parties, each party will receive online forms to review and complete prior to the first session.  The forms can be easily completed on your phone, tablet, or laptop. 

While you are considering whether to start mediation, please review our recent client comments about our services and learn about past client success with Birt Law.  

Should you have any questions about the above or how to start mediation services, please contact us. Our office can reach out to set a complementary 15 min telephone call to discuss the mediation process if you would like to learn more. Thank you again for your interest in mediation, you are already starting on the best path, keep moving forward, and as the picture above states, "just start".  We are here to help.

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