Free Complimentary Gathering Via Zoom


We Offer a Free Complimentary Gathering via Zoom

Join us each week online for an early lunch, mindful conversation, and a complimentary Q&A session. This free Complimentary Zoom Gathering is open to prospective clients and current clients, but an RSVP is required. Please RSVP by calling (630) 891-2478 or filling out our contact form. Upon confirmation of attendance, we will send you the Zoom invitation and details to attend the gathering. 

We also require that all guests maintain their anonymity during the Zoom gathering by following the anonymity instructions below (we may also remind guests of this policy while in the Zoom waiting room and prior to the start of the gathering).

What to Expect During the Complimentary Zoom Gathering?

Topics for the mindful conversation will be different each week.  A complimentary Q&A session is offered to guests, and we will select questions submitted either via the Zoom Chat or prior to the meeting. The entire gathering lasts approximately 30 minutes or less. The Birt Law Team will use its discretion to select a question to answer and if we are unable to answer all submitted questions during the online gathering, we will answer the question at a future gathering. Feel free to join us each week as we cover new topics and questions.

We record the complimentary Zoom gathering to provide helpful content to other prospective clients that were either unable to attend or may have similar questions for our team.

How to Maintain Personal Anonymity During Our Complimentary Zoom Gathering

To maintain your anonymity in the online Zoom meeting:

  1. Use headphones for privacy,
  2. Before joining the meeting, you can adjust your Zoom settings to “Always mute the microphone when joining a meeting” and “Always turn off video when joining a meeting”,
  3. Make sure your background is a wall, or use a virtual background, or turn off your camera,
  4. Change your name before entering the meeting or before recording commences to the city and state where you reside so the firm can identify your jurisdiction/venue and direct you to appropriate information, online resources, and/or bar associations for your jurisdiction/venue, or
  5. If you do not wish to join by tablet, laptop, or computer, you can dial in from your phone,
  6. If you do not wish to talk during the meeting, you can submit questions to the firm prior to the meeting or in the chat function during the meeting.

Past Gatherings

Need More? Need Specific Legal Advice to Get Started?

If you need more than the general information discussed at our gathering and prefer one on one time with our attorney and/or paralegal to get started on your divorce plan, parenting plan, or financial plan - or if you want a second opinion and are unhappy with your current attorney or mediator - we offer a private 60 min consultation and planning session. Contact us today to schedule (630) 891-2478.


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Attendance & Recording Consent

The complimentary Zoom gathering is an educational and informative meeting only. Participation in the meeting does not create an attorney client relationship which requires a fee and a signed service contract.

If you chose to attend our online gathering, you will be informed (normally verbally) in the Zoom meeting that the session will be recorded prior to any recording taking place.

The recording may contain:

  1. Your video stream (including images of yourself), if you choose to enable your video device during the meeting. Anything or anyone else that maybe in the background could be recorded. You can choose to not participate in the recording by turning off your camera and microphone in order to attend the meeting without being recorded however your personal data (including chat, polls) may still be captured.
  2. Your audio stream, if you choose to enable your audio device during the meeting. This could include any opinions you contribute and anything you say about yourself. The participant should be aware that any information disclosed by them as part of the meeting may be seen, heard, or read by the other participants.
  3. Your chats and poll participation within the meeting could also be captured in the meeting recording.

By continuing your participation in the Zoom meeting, you consent to our team and office recording the online event including any input/communications from the participants during the online event and the reposting of the recordings or images by the firm.

The participant shall not copy, record, reproduce, photograph and/or repost any portion of the online Zoom meeting.

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