What Happens During Virtual Custody and Visitation Mediation

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What Happens During Virtual Custody and Visitation Mediation?

Virtual custody and visitation is a form of custody and visitation mediation that takes place virtually, using video-conferencing technology instead of in-person. This method of resolving custody and visitation disputes is a good fit for divorcing couples in Illinois who want to maintain an amicable, working relationship that focuses on their children's best interests while saving money compared to going through the traditional in-court custody determination process.

Topics Covered During Virtual Custody Mediation

Illinois virtual custody and visitation mediation cover the same topics as in-person mediation. The mediation will discuss and aim to reach decisions on time-sharing and parental decision-making. You and your children's other parent will discuss how time with the children will be allocated, how you will communicate with each other regarding the children, and how critical decisions such as healthcare and education get made.

If you work with Birt Law for your custody mediation, experienced Illinois virtual mediator Erin N. Birt will guide you through the key decisions you and your child's other parent need to make regarding raising your children, including sometimes overlooked components of parenting agreements.

Virtual Custody Mediation Process

The virtual custody mediation process mirrors the in-person mediation process. The only major difference is the use of technology in lieu of physical presence.

During virtual custody mediation, a neutral mediator works to help broker an agreement between you and your children's other parent regarding custody and visitation issues. With custody mediation, you and your co-parent, not a judge, can make the decisions.

During the mediation process, you may spend some time in the same virtual “room” as your co-parent, with the mediator also present. However, you will probably spend more time in your own room while the mediator moves back and forth between the rooms, talking to each of you. Instead of being in a physical room or having to move locations, everything will be on your computer screen.

Secure video-conferencing tools such as Zoom allow you to speak with others, move into and out of rooms, and present documents through screen sharing. Your Illinois virtual mediator will ensure that you have instructions on using the conferencing technology before the mediation date.

Virtual Mediation Advantages

Virtual family law mediation offers several unique advantages for divorcing parents who need to agree on time-sharing and raising their children. The benefits of virtual mediation include:

  • Custom – Mediation is an out-of-court method of dispute resolution that allows the mediator, with input from the parents, to customize the experience to maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome.
  • Convenient – With virtual mediation, there is no travel time, and you can participate from anywhere with an internet connection. This makes coordinating a time for mediation easier and saves driving time and gas expenses.
  • Consensus building – Virtual custody mediation focuses on reaching a mutually agreeable resolution, not on one party “winning.” This sets the groundwork for a better ongoing family relationship compared to contested in-court custody battles.
  • Cost savings – Illinois custody and time-sharing mediation is often thousands of dollars less expensive than traditional court proceedings to resolve custody and time-sharing issues.

Birt Law's Modern Approach

The Law Firm of Erin N. Birt, P.C is a leader in Illinois virtual legal services in family law cases. Our qualified, compassionate family law mediator Erin N. Birt is experienced in helping guide parents, including those that have not previously used virtual legal services, to an amicable resolution regarding time-sharing and custody issues.

The firm's attorney is also an addictions counselor. We also have specialized legal, mediation, & parenting coordinator experience with families effected by alcohol or drug abuse by a child or adult.

If you are looking for Illinois virtual custody and visitation mediation, contact us today here or at (630) 891-2478.





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