Virtual Parenting Time in DuPage County

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Virtual Parenting Time in DuPage County

One of the primary concerns of divorcing parents is time with their children. Virtual parenting time can offer a unique addition to a parenting plan that allows increased connection with children without the logistical difficulty of adding additional in-person time with children.

What is Virtual Parenting Time?

As part of the Illinois divorce process for parents with children, a parenting plan that spells out the time spent with each parent (i.e. parenting time allocation) must be created. Historically, the parenting time was in-person; however, today, parenting time may be spent in-person or online.

Virtual parenting time is parent and child visitation that occurs virtually, typically through the use of videoconferencing technology such as Facetime, Skype, or Zoom. Under Illinois law, virtual visitation is permitted as a supplement to in-person visitation.

Benefits of Virtual Parenting Time

There are many benefits of including virtual parenting time in an Illinois parenting plan. It can allow a parent to interact with their child more frequently than they otherwise could. It does not require the transportation and logistics of setting up an in-person visit. It can be done virtually anywhere, particularly useful for parents who frequently travel for work.

Virtual visitation can also help provide a unique bonding experience. Depending on the children's ages and the parental relationship, virtual parenting meetings can go beyond just talking over video. Parents and children can participate in a number of activities during virtual visitation. For example, they can go on virtual field trips, play games, read stories, and show each other photos and projects through the screen.

How to use Virtual Parenting Time

Virtual parenting can be done as an official part of the parenting plan or unofficially as a way of staying in touch with children. Often, a combination of the two is appropriate.

On the official side, virtual parenting time should be incorporated into the parenting plan just like any other parenting time. Days and times should be set in advance, and written into the parenting plan agreement. This official approach will help ensure that virtual parenting occurs and that both the parent and the children can rely on their virtual time with each other.

Parents can also consider using virtual tools to communicate with their children at unscheduled times in lieu of phone calls. However, parents who FaceTime during unscheduled times should consider their children and other parents' schedules and ensure that they are only offering this type of communication outside of scheduled times and not demanding it.

Birt Law's Modern Approach

At The Law Firm of Erin N. Birt, P.C. we offer personalized family law services. We embrace modern approaches like virtual parenting time that help our clients save time and money, and reduce stress. If you are looking for a modern DuPage County divorce or custody attorney who cares, contact us today or at (630) 891-2478.

For those that understandably want to minimize in-person contacts due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we can provide virtual legal services by using phone, text, online chat, and video conferencing to help ensure that you feel comfortable and safe working with our law firm.

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