New Year’s Resolution: Finish My DuPage County Divorce

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New Year's Resolution: Finish My DuPage County Divorce

For most people, 2020 was a challenging and tumultuous year. If you are considering a divorce or have already begun the process, these challenges could be amplified dramatically. Dealing with legal hearings or managing visitation can be particularly difficult in the face of a global pandemic. Thankfully, the right attorney can ease these burdens and assist you with obtaining a fresh start in 2021.

Completing your divorce could be one of many important steps to starting the new year fresh. Attorney Erin Birt has years of experience serving as a divorce attorney in DuPage County. You can rely on her experience to guide you through contentious litigation, out-of-court settlements, and everything in between.

Resolve to Find Closure

It could be difficult to make the most of the new year if you are still carrying some of the burdens of 2020 on your back. Closure is especially important when it comes to broken relationships. For married couples, this closure could be impossible to come by without first completing a divorce.

Many legal proceedings—divorce cases included—have faced significant delays in 2020. As courts catch up with their caseload, now could be a good time to push forward with your divorce. You may find that many of the strains that come with the divorce or separation process could fade away once a divorce is completed.

Resolve to Reduce Stress

There are countless health benefits for reducing stress. From restful sleep to increased resistance to illness, limiting the amount of stress in your life can have a tremendous impact on your health. Unfortunately, the American Psychological Association reports that nearly 80 percent of Americans point to COVID-19 as a significant source of stress. 

The good news is that Birt Law can help you complete your divorce while reducing your stress related to COVID-19 at the same time. Birt Law remains open despite the global pandemic and can meet with you virtually regarding your case. Attorney Erin Bart can provide excellent service and handle your remote court appearances without the need for you to ever leave your house.

Resolve to Look Forward

The stress and strain of 2020 might leave a lasting impression, but focusing on the future could be much better for your mental health. It is impossible to forget the challenges you have faced in the recent past, but a conscious effort to focus on the positives of the present could bring you peace.

Take on the New Year with the Help of Birt Law

Attorney Erin Birt stands out among divorce attorneys due to her focus on providing service and convenience to her clients. While many attorneys refuse to adapt in the face of COVID-19, Attorney Erin Birt offers virtual services and remote representation that can make your life easier. You can complete your divorce without the stress of in-person court appearances or meetings with your attorney. If you are resolved to finish your DuPage County divorce free from unnecessary stress or delay, contact us right away to discuss your options.


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