Do You Have a Beacon of Hope in Your Divorce?

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Do You Have a Beacon of Hope in Your Divorce?

Divorce is often a difficult and high conflict time that leads you to look for a Beacon of Hope to illuminate a positive future. At times, it may feel difficult to find. Fortunately, with the right Illinois divorce mediator and mindset, divorce mediation can lead to an amicable resolution to divorce proceedings and brighter days ahead. The following tips will help in your Illinois divorce mediation process.

Select a Beacon of Hope Mediator

Renowned mediation expert, Woody Mosten, teaches his mediator trainees to serve as a Beacon of Hope for their clients. Beacon of Hope mediators are committed to being the optimistic light during divorce mediation and believe that in all mediations progress towards a resolution, if not a full settlement, can be reached.

They focus on peacemaking mediation and collaboration. They stay grounded and use positive behavior modeling even when negotiations become challenging. They apply current mediation best practices, not old-school pressure tactics. Using a Beacon of Hope mediator will help make the divorce mediation a better experience and increase the likelihood that it results in a resolution.

Engage in Hopeful Participation

The mediator you select to conduct your divorce mediation will play an important role in how the divorce mediation plays out. Your mediator, however, cannot reach a positive outcome on their own. Your participation matters. You can help optimize the likelihood of a successful divorce mediation by engaging in hopeful participation.

Hopeful participation means believing that a positive outcome can be reached (that there is a Beacon of Hope) and acting in a manner consistent with that belief. Some simple ways you can hopefully participate in your Illinois divorce mediation:

  • Hire a divorce attorney that adopts the Beacon of Hope approach, meaning they believe in and demonstrates positivity and optimism during the divorce process and is supportive of mediation.
  • Do not internalize or give up hope if your offer is rejected or heavily modified by your spouse. Instead, take a deep breath and use it as a learning experience to come up with a proposal with a higher likelihood of acceptance.
  • If your spouse gives you an offer that you think is terrible, rather than outright reject it, look for one small thing you can agree on and build from there.
  • Do not engage if your spouse pushes buttons, yells, or makes nasty comments.

Law Firm of Erin N. Birt, P.C. is a Beacon of Hope

At the law firm of Erin N. Birt, P.C., we take a modern, holistic approach to divorce that focuses on maximizing positive outcomes. Erin Birt is a Beacon of Hope mediator that practices and hones her skills with other like-minded professionals so that she can serve as a light for her clients. Through the application of her legal experience and approach, she can help your family rebuild and have a positive future.

If you are looking for a Beacon of Hope Illinois divorce mediator, contact us today.

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Since 2003, Erin N. Birt, J.D., CADC has focused her practice on parenting time, divorce, mediation, and substance abuse issues. Ms. Birt's unique background in both family law and addictions counseling help her clients successfully navigate the complex issues of coparenting and divorce. Ms. Birt also devotes her time to presenting at continuing education seminars for attorneys, mediators, and counselors.


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