Discover the Value of Restorative Divorce with Birt Family Law


Discover the Value of Restorative Divorce with Birt Family Law

Are you navigating divorce and seeking a positive, empowering resolution for your family? At Birt Family Law, we offer a unique approach that goes beyond traditional litigation. Our Restorative Divorce services prioritize positive outcomes, accountability, and long-term well-being, delivering quantifiable benefits that make a meaningful difference.

Quantified Positive Outcomes of Restorative Divorce with Birt Family Law

At Birt Family Law, we redefine divorce with our innovative Restorative Divorce approach. Experience the quantifiable benefits of choosing Birt Family Law for your divorce journey. From expert guidance and personalized solutions to minimized court involvement and comprehensive support networks, our services prioritize efficiency, peace of mind, and positive co-parenting strategies. Discover how our proven approach can optimize outcomes and transform your divorce experience for the better:

  1. Expert Guidance and Experience

    • Value: Benefit from over 20 years of experience in divorce law, ensuring efficient and effective resolution.
  2. Restorative Divorce Approach

    • Value: Promote a peaceful resolution with a focus on accountability, leading to reduced stress and healthier co-parenting.
  3. Customized Solutions

    • Value: Receive personalized strategies tailored to your family's unique needs, optimizing outcomes and reducing future conflicts.
  4. Minimized Court Involvement

    • Value: Save time and money by avoiding lengthy court battles, preserving resources for your family's future.
  5. Comprehensive Support Network

    • Value: Access a trusted network of professionals (financial, emotional, legal) to address all aspects of your divorce journey.
  6. Educational Resources

    • Value: Benefit from informative materials, journals, and workbooks to enhance understanding and preparation for negotiations.
  7. Transparent Pricing and Payment Flexibility

    • Value: Enjoy the predictability of flat-fee services and flexible payment plans, ensuring affordability and peace of mind.
  8. Efficient Timelines

    • Value: Expect a streamlined process with clear timelines (e.g., 3 months for mediation, 6 months for legal services), minimizing disruption to your life.
  9. Positive Co-Parenting Strategies

    • Value: Develop effective co-parenting skills and agreements, fostering a stable environment for children post-divorce.
  10. Long-Term Savings and Benefits

    • Value: Achieve cost savings and long-term benefits through strategic decision-making and durable agreements, optimizing financial and emotional well-being.

Choose Birt Family Law Over Litigation

Explore why Birt Family Law stands out as the preferred choice over traditional litigation. With eight compelling reasons highlighting our expertise, personalized approach, and commitment to positive outcomes, we offer a transformative alternative to standard divorce proceedings. Discover how our Restorative Divorce focus, streamlined processes, and comprehensive support network can make a meaningful difference in your divorce journey. Learn more below why clients choose Birt Family Law for a more efficient, effective, and empowering approach to resolving family law matters:

  1. 20+ Years Mediation Expertise and Legal Experience

    • Litigation Pitfall: No other attorneys specialize in Restorative Divorce and not all attorneys focus on family-centered approaches.
  2. Created Restorative Divorce Focus

    • Litigation Pitfall: Other attorneys may default to traditional litigation, increasing conflict and costs.
  3. Personalized Strategies and Solutions

    • Litigation Pitfall: Some attorneys may offer standard solutions without customization to your specific situation.
  4. Qualified Co-Parenting Support for Successful Arrangements

    • Litigation Pitfall: Not all attorneys prioritize co-parenting support and may focus solely on legal and financial aspects.
  5. Comprehensive Support Network

    • Litigation Pitfall: Some attorneys may not have an established network or offer any support beyond legal matters.
  6. Streamlined Process and Timelines

    • Litigation Pitfall: Some attorneys may not prioritize efficiency, leading to prolonged proceedings and increased costs.
  7. Transparent Pricing and Payment Options

    • Litigation Pitfall: Pricing structures may not be transparent, and payment options may be less flexible compared to Birt Family Law offerings.
  8. Professional Services Ensuring Court-Approved Settlements (One-Stop Shop)

    • Litigation Pitfall: Specifically trained to prepare court documents to resolve historical or past issues, not proactively addressing future.

Your Path to a Positive Divorce Journey Begins Here

Join countless families who have benefited from our pioneering Restorative Divorce approach. Contact Birt Family Law today to schedule a free introductory call with Erin Birt or a more in-depth consultation and discover how our services can transform your divorce experience for the better.

Recent Case Results

  • In a challenging divorce, Attorney Erin Birt resolved parenting conflicts for the best interests of a teen daughter. Mother Sarah was concerned about father John's disinterest, while John felt Sarah was controlling. Erin, serving as GAL (Guardian ad Litem), utilized mediation skills and investigation protocols to prioritize the teen's well-being, prevent litigation, and repair co-parenting harmony. Read On

  • Successfully resolved custody dispute for a child with a first responder father and full time working mother, prioritizing child's well-being and fostering co-parenting harmony. Read On

  • In the face of financial turmoil due to her husband's gambling addiction, a young mother sought to relocate with her children for family support. With strategic negotiation, a divorce attorney secured their move while preserving father-child bonds, all while keeping costs low and achieving client satisfaction. Read On


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Birt Family Law is the family centered law and mediation practice with a focus on Restorative Divorce; offering creative and supportive legal and mediation solutions with one goal: keeping the separating family out of court and working together towards a positive resolution.

We offer multiple options to achieve this goal including mediation, coaching, co-parenting strategies, and Restorative Divorce services. 

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Birt Family Law is committed to keeping the separating family out of court and working together towards a positive resolution.