Getting a Divorce in Illinois in 2019?

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Are you considering getting a divorce in Illinois in 2019? The first month of 2019 is already over, Happy New Year! 2019 is off to a fast start so today I will provide easy tips to help you finish your Illinois divorce in 2019. In my previous post, When to Get a Divorce, I discussed divorce timing and grounds for when to get a divorce in Illinois back in 2012. In this post, I will discuss updated tips for getting a divorce in Illinois in 2019.

Be Prepared When Getting a Divorce in Illinois

To successfully get a divorce in Illinois in 2019, you need to be prepared. You no longer have to be separated for 2 years, but you still need to take time to develop a plan. First, you should develop a budget. Can you file for divorce right away? It can be expensive without preparation. If you can't afford to get divorced, a divorce attorney can still help you minimize your costs by offering unbundled services. Other alternatives to divorce litigation include collaborative divorce and mediation. Make sure you download our free collaborative divorce kit to learn about how it minimizes financial and emotional costs. Second, read the Illinois divorce laws, divorce help books, and divorce blogs.  In the video below, I discuss several helpful divorce blogs, including my own.

Hire a Divorce Attorney to Get a Divorce in Illinois in 2019

Don't have time to do the above? Hire a divorce attorney to help you know the 2019 Illinois divorce laws, divorce tips, and divorce process. Hiring a divorce attorney could save you from making mistakes such as pleading mental cruelty as grounds for divorce in 2019. A divorce attorney would have explained that mental cruelty is no longer grounds for divorce in Illinois.  In Illinois it is not required that you have a divorce attorney, however, if your New Year's Resolution is to finish your Illinois Divorce fast and in 2019, it is worth your investment to hire one.  A divorce attorney will provide you with personalized legal advice, fast updates to 2019 Illinois divorce laws, and minimize your time in the divorce process.   The best way to avoid divorce mistakes is to take advantage of the divorce attorneys legal knowledge and frequent access to the court.

Focus on You While Getting a Divorce in Illinois

Focus on yourself and you will achieve your legal goals. Make a commitment to be present and focus on the necessary tasks needed to finish your divorce. Schedule specific times each month to gather financial records for your divorce attorney, specific times to respond to difficult divorce related emails, and specific times to meet with your divorce attorney. You can then let the rest of the day be about you. Take the time to renew vows to yourself. Make yourself a priority. Commit to saying yes to social activities, to yourself, to your children.

If you plan on getting a divorce in Illinois in 2019, you will if you follow the above easy tips. I have many more easy tips to expedite your divorce in 2019, feel free to contact me to learn more.  If you need to finish your Illinois divorce in 2019, you do not have to prepare for it alone.  Contact Us today to learn how The Law Firm of Erin N Birt, PC can achieve your legal goals and protect you.

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