Uncontested Divorce That Really Works

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Ask many divorced people about their experience of the process, and you'll likely hear that it was just too much–too much aggravation, too much time, too much money. Even uncontested divorce, where both parties have reached an agreement before going to court, can be time-consuming, expensive and difficult if the proper documents are not prepared by a qualified divorce attorney. Thankfully, there is a very viable option for divorcing couples in Illinois, and our firm offers an Uncontested Divorce That Really Works.

A Kinder, Gentler Divorce

For those going through an uncontested Illinois divorce, our firm offers a Flat Fee Uncontested Illinois Divorce Package that really can get you through the process quickly, easily and less expensively, as one of our recent actual cases proves.

A husband and wife decided that their troubled marriage could not be repaired and struggled with the decision to start the legal process to divorce. They decided to physically separate at a time they believed would be in the best interests of their daughter and thus decided to maintain separate residences within the same town for a period of time.

During their separation, they had the freedom to figure out a non-traditional parenting schedule (i.e. not the traditional every other weekend visits with Dad) that worked well for them. They learned what worked and what didn't work for them, adjusting the parenting schedule several times to find the right fit.

Once everyone adjusted to the new living arrangements, the parents next tried to figure out how they could minimize the costs of a formal divorce but still protect their family by having a lawyer guide them through the process.

The Mother contacted the Birt Law firm and retained our Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce services, allowing her and the family to be confident that they could afford legal services with no surprising monthly invoices for more than the parties earned at their jobs. It took approximately six weeks to create the initial legal documents, and once the Father had these documents reviewed by an independent attorney, he signed and agreed to them.

The Judge appreciated that the parties had practiced their non-traditional parenting plan for over six months so that they could attest that their parenting plan was successful for their family. The Judge approved their agreement and the case was ultimately finalized within three months. This was a huge success for that family, as parenting/custody cases can sometimes last 18 months or longer.

Client Feedback

After the conclusion of the case, the Mother shared that she greatly appreciated being able to contact our firm via email or telephone anytime with questions, concerns or updates.

She was thankful that we never billed her for each minute she spent communicating with the firm and also grateful that the firm did not reject her family's parenting plan, as other litigation attorneys did.

Lastly, she valued our suggestions to the family to help the Judge believe that their parenting agreement was in fact in the best interest of their child.

If an uncontested divorce is in your future, contact me to learn the details of our flat fee package and how we can make it work for your specific situation. Our clients have had great success with our Uncontested Divorce That Really Works.

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