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Victory Over Deceit: Unveiling Justice in a Complex Divorce Saga

November 2023

Let's call our client John, a hardworking man in his 50s, who, after years of dedicated service to his family, found himself facing the complexities of a divorce. His wife, let's call her Sarah, had taken measures to conceal a significant portion of her income and retirement benefits, and to complicate matters further, she had entered into a new relationship.

Now, John, much like yourself, was seeking a fair resolution amidst this tangled web. He hired me, Erin Birt, because I am experienced in cases like these. I want to assure you that I approach each case with a firm dedication to securing the best possible outcome for my clients.

Upon taking on John's case, it became evident that uncovering the truth behind Sarah's hidden assets was crucial. Through a thorough investigation, we gathered concrete evidence of her undisclosed income and retirement accounts. Armed with this information, we entered negotiations with a clear strategy to expose the deceptive tactics employed by the opposing party.

In and out of the courtroom, we adeptly presented the evidence, revealing Sarah's attempts to manipulate financial matters and keep assets concealed. Facing a hearing, Sarah's counsel recognized the gravity of her actions and caved, giving John a substantial share of the retirement benefits that had been shrouded in secrecy.

Yet, our work didn't conclude there. We shifted our focus to the issue of spousal maintenance. Building a compelling case around John's years of hard work and dedication, we argued vehemently against any ongoing financial support for Sarah. We argued Sarah's long term cohabitation with her paramour barred her from maintenance. In the end we were successful, permanently relieving John from the burden of providing maintenance to his ex-wife.

In the end, John emerged from the divorce proceedings with a settlement that not only included a significant portion of Sarah's retirement benefits but also ensured his financial independence by barring her from seeking maintenance. This success story highlights the importance of having a skilled and dedicated legal representative during divorce proceedings. Prior to our involvement, John was willing to sign vague divorce documents denying him his fair share of retirement benefits and leaving the door open to future maintenance obligations.

After handling John's case, and as we embark on new cases, rest assured that I will bring the same level of commitment to secure the best possible outcome for you. With the right legal strategy and unwavering dedication, we can navigate the complexities of your situation and work towards a favorable resolution.

Practice area(s): Divorce / Separation

Court: DuPage County

Erin Birt

Since 2003, Erin N. Birt, J.D., CADC has focused her practice on parenting time, divorce, mediation, and substance abuse issues. Ms. Birt's unique background in both family law and addictions counseling help her clients successfully navigate the complex issues of coparenting and divorce. Ms. Birt also devotes her time to presenting at continuing education seminars for attorneys, mediators, and counselors.

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