Why You Need a Parenting Coordinator for your DuPage County Divorce

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Why You Need a Parenting Coordinator for your DuPage County Divorce

If you're going through a divorce in DuPage County, child custody can be overwhelming and emotional. If your divorce is high-conflict or communication is difficult, child custody matters can make ending your marriage even more stressful and contentious. In these cases, parenting coordination can be used as an alternative dispute resolution method to help reduce conflict, improve communication, and ensure that custody arrangements focus on the children's best interests. 

Below are some reasons why you need a parenting coordinator for your DuPage County divorce.

Reduce the Stress and Conflict in Custody Matters

Tension between divorcing spouses can quickly escalate as a result of having to make decisions together — a parenting coordinator can work with both spouses to help resolve issues affecting their children with minimal conflict. 

It's important to understand that child custody isn't always just about the big picture concerning where the children will live or spend holidays — there are many minor details involved in putting together a parenting plan that can impact the children's lives. Although decisions about after-school activities or what your child is going to eat for lunch might seem inconsequential, many of these small details must be resolved to reach an agreement.

While mediation is often effective in resolving custody issues, it may not be appropriate for certain high-conflict divorces. In these cases, a qualified parenting coordinator may be appointed by the court to ensure the children's best interests are met. Parents may also voluntarily decide to work with one during the collaborative divorce process. In other cases, parenting coordination can be beneficial to ensure the parties protect their children from the stress associated with divorce and eliminate the "win" mentality from the decision-making involved in custody matters.

Improve Parental Communication

Communication is the key to effective co-parenting. However, the anger and hurt of going through a divorce can make positive communication between spouses challenging. When a parenting coordinator is involved, they can help give you clarity. Through the process, parents can develop communication skills and strategies for co-parenting that can last beyond the divorce proceedings. 

Typically, the parenting coordination process involves meeting with both parents either together or separately, depending on the family's specific needs. They may also meet with the children. Once they have an understanding of the family's dynamic and the needs of the children, they can help the spouses create a parenting plan. In some cases, a parental coordinator may enter a case after an agreement has already been reached to ensure compliance.

A parenting coordinator not only can help you and your spouse communicate your goals and put together a parenting plan, but they may provide coaching, guidance, and communication tools as well. When appropriate, a parenting coordinator may also institute rules to promote healthy communication between the parents.

Save Time and Money That Would be Spent on Litigation

Resolving custody issues in court can be lengthy, in addition to being psychologically and financially draining. Having a neutral party who works directly with parents to help work out disputes outside of court and relieve the financial burden. By working with a parenting coordinator, you and your spouse don't have to go through attorneys to negotiate child custody matters — this means you can spend less time in litigation and lower your total divorce costs

Make Divorce Easier On Your Kids

Kids are usually affected by divorce, no matter how much you'd like to keep them out of it. However, by reducing conflict with your soon-to-be ex-spouse and working with a parenting coordinator, you can lessen the negative impact on their lives. A parenting coordinator can help ensure that the focus of custody is on your children's best interests — not the conflict between you and your spouse.

Birt Law Can Help With Your Illinois Child Custody Matters

Birt Law offers compassionate counsel for parents going through a divorce in DuPage County. Erin Birt is a collaborative divorce attorney and parenting coordinator who focuses on helping families find positive solutions for custody matters and minimizing conflict and stress during the divorce process. Contact us to learn more about our divorce services and to schedule a consultation.


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