Facts and Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

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There's been little or no fighting. You're on relatively good terms with each other. You actually even like each other. It's just that you don't love each other any longer and divorce is the inevitable outcome. In situations like this–and even ones with more emotion–collaborative divorce planning may be a very good option. Below we discuss the facts and benefits of Collaborative Divorce.

In a previous post, I discussed choosing between Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce, and to help you further commit to Collaborative Divorce, in this post I will highlight a real case that further explains why Collaborative Divorce is an excellent divorce process for couples and families. Further, we offer you a free Collaborative Divorce Knowledge Kit, prepared by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, which outlines the process and helps you know what to expect.


  • Collaborative Divorce, also called Collaborative Practice, is a new way for you to resolve disputes respectfully–without going to court. It offers you and your spouse or partner the support, protection, and guidance of your own lawyers, and allows you the benefit of child and financial specialists, divorce coaches, and other professionals.

  • You and your spouse control the process, make the final decisions, and pledge mutual respect and openness.

  • The discussions and negotiations of the process are kept private.

  • It is a flexible divorce solution that allows you to control your outcomes.


These are just a few of the case studies presented in the kit that show the effectiveness of Collaborative Divorce.

Years ago, the husband's first wife disappeared, leaving him with two children.  His current wife was the only mother the children knew.  And, she couldn't have children of her own.  A typical court might grant her no parental rights after the divorce.  CP (Collaborative Practice Divorce) ensured that she stayed active in the children's lives.

A husband and wife, both ministers with four kids, lived together in the same house with the husband's secret partner.  The partner later exposed their relationship.  Despite the acute trauma felt by the wife and children, CP (Collaborative Practice Divorce) restored the relationship between all three adults and the children.

A husband and wife had two children, one a special needs child.  During the divorce, this child's long term care requirements caused tremendous financial conflict between the parents.  CP (Collaborative Practice Divorce) kept them focused on the discussion until they reached an agreement.  The parents also agreed to work together after the divorce, assuring both children receive the care and support they needed.


Along with providing the support of caring and talented professionals, a collaborative divorce:

  • Encourages mutual respect

  • Emphasizes the needs of children

  • Utilizes a problem-solving versus an adversarial approach

  • Identifies and addresses the interests and concerns of all

  • Prepares participants for their new lives post-divorce

In the video below, I discuss our philosophy and commitment to settlement based practices to help you save money and create a workable settlement agreement for your family.

As a trained collaborative divorce attorney, I can help you determine whether your situation could benefit from Illinois collaborative divorce law services. Contact me for more information and to discuss further the facts and benefits of Collaborative Divorce for your family. Feel free to also use our confidential online scheduling system link below.

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