Proposing an Illinois Collaborative Divorce to Spouse

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Interested in an Illinois Collaborative Divorce? Is your spouse?  Wheaton Illinois Collaborative Divorce Lawyer, Erin Birt, recommends you talk with your spouse about the process.  Therefore, this post will focus on Proposing an Illinois Collaborative Divorce to Spouse.

Proposing an Illinois Collaborative Divorce to Spouse: Share information with your spouse

Your intention to try to reach a fair agreement without litigation does not have to be a secret.  Let your spouse know that you wish to negotiate a fair settlement through the Illinois Collaborative process.  Ask whether your spouse could try settling the differences through the Illinois Collaborative process.  It is possible that your spouse needs more information and it is ok to share information with your spouse.

Some ways you can share information with your spouse are:

1. Provide your spouse with a copy of the literature (book, pamphlet, article) that you have read about Collaborative Divorce.

2. Encourage your spouse to view our page about Illinois Collaborative Divorce (you can download a free Collaborative Divorce Kit), or view the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois Website for more information and to find professionals that are committed to collaborative practices.

3. Encourage your spouse to talk to a collaborative professional about Illinois Collaborative Divorce in order to obtain additional information.  Most professionals offer a free consultation.

4. Schedule a time with our office for an informative meeting about Illinois Collaborative Divorce and to watch a short film by the founder of Collaborative Divorce, Stu Webb.

Proposing an Illinois Collaborative Divorce to Spouse: Invite your spouse to participate in the Illinois Collaborative process

Express to your spouse why you feel an Illinois Collaborative Divorce would benefit your family.  Explain to them points of interest to you such as:

* want a civilized, respectful resolution of the issues;

* willing to focus on solutions rather than on blame or revenge;

* need to maintain a productive working relationship with former spouses;

* will be co-parenting and want to protect the child/ren from the negative impact associated with litigation;

* want to create the terms of their divorce settlement rather than turning control over to a judge; and

* value the privacy of the family.

After discussing an Illinois Collaborative Divorce with your spouse, let your spouse have some time with the information.  A good time to bring up the topic again is about 3 weeks after the initial conversation about collaborative divorce (unless your circumstances dictate a faster approach). After your spouse has had time to learn about collaborative practices, invite your spouse to participate in a collaborative divorce rather than engage in litigation.

For more information about Illinois Collaborative Divorce law and its benefits, please download a free Collaborative Divorce Knowledge Kit.  The kit answers many of the common questions about Collaborative Divorce and how it has benefited real families.

Illinois Collaborative Divorce Lawyer, Erin Birt, serves clients in Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Naperville, Warrenville, Winfield, Carol Stream, Bloomingdale, Lombard, Elmhurst, Downers Grove, and Oak Brook as well as other cities located in DuPage County.  We have experience serving clients in Cook County, Will County, and Kane County.

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