Collaborative Divorce Process in DuPage County

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The collaborative divorce process in DuPage County begins when both parties want a collaborative divorce and have formally retained collaborative divorce lawyers. The cost of a collaborative divorce depends on the parties and the issues, however it is usually less expensive than a divorce trial.

How Does the Collaborative Divorce Process Work in DuPage County

In the video below, I discuss the start of the Collaborative Divorce Process in DuPage County.

Once I am retained as a collaborative divorce attorney, I will start the collaborative divorce process by contacting the other collaborative divorce attorney for a brief discussion of the case, any immediate needs, and to determine a date for the first meeting.

Prior to the first collaborative divorce meeting an agenda will be prepared which increases focus and productivity during the first meeting.  This is similar to the agenda concept used in divorce mediation.

What Happens at the First Meeting for a Collaborative Divorce in DuPage County

A typical agenda for the first meeting in a collaborative divorce may cover the following issues:

*Introduction: discussion of roles, collaborative divorce process, and team members (such as a coach, child specialist, financial neutral, parenting coordinator, etc);

*Discuss and address any questions, concerns, or fears about the collaborative divorce process or divorce in general;

*Review the Participation Agreement and obtain signatures;

*Discuss and establish goals for the family, children, and parties;

*Discuss tasks, such as financial disclosures, that must be completed and determine who, how, and when;

*Schedule and commit to future meetings and locations.

Please feel free to contact our collaborative divorce law firm in Wheaton, IL or Erin Birt directly at 630-891-2478 with any questions regarding Illinois divorce law and the collaborative divorce process.

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