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Are you a parent that needs to be able to drive to pick up and drop off your kids per your custody order? If so, we provided driver's License Reinstatement services for parents so they can restore their co-parenting relationship and overcome the burden of not seeing your child due to a past mistake.

As an attorney and former owner of an Illinois Licensed DUI Risk Education and Counseling Agency, Erin Birt is available to provide you with legal services relating to reinstating driving privileges through an Illinois Secretary of State Formal or Informal Driver's License Hearing.

In Illinois, a DUI offense–driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs–can result in a restricted driving permit or revocation of your driver's license. To regain full driving privileges, you need the assistance of an attorney to restore driving privileges after DUI. Erin can help you determine your eligibility for reinstatement of Illinois driving privileges.

In certain cases, your license could be reinstated if you provide proof of an ‘undue hardship' that effects employment; medical care; child medical or educational needs, elder or disabled persons care, educational opportunities. Your license could also be reinstated if you comply with the counseling and timing requirements set by your DUI evaluation and the Illinois Secretary of State.

As a Driver's License Reinstatement Attorney, Erin will prepare your case for the best chance of success at the formal hearing that determines whether your license will be fully reinstated or that you will have a restricted driving permit and perhaps a breath alcohol ignition device in your vehicle until you can have full driving privileges.

Contact us to learn more about how Erin can help with all aspects of your driver's license reinstatement and DUI Counseling requirements. 

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