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Erin N. Birt: Attorney

Skills and Experience

Since 2003, Erin Birt has focused her practice of mediation and legal services in the areas of parent separation, child centered divorce, and parenting matters.

In 2010, Ms. Birt opened The Law Firm of Erin N. Birt, P.C. (known as Birt Family Law) to provide her clients a variety of alternative dispute resolution and divorce options. Prior to starting the firm, she was employed by several prominent family law firms including Fortunato, Farrell, Davenport & Arnold, Ltd. and Roberts and Associates, P.C. She clerked at Mayer, Brown & Platt, n/k/a Mayer Brown, Earl L. Neal and Associates, LLC, n/k/a Neal & Leroy, LLC, and the DuPage County State's Attorney's Office.

Ms. Birt is also a certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor. Her clinical addiction counseling experience includes DUI risk education and counseling at The Family Connection and inpatient addiction counseling at Adventist Glen Oaks Hospital. Erin now uses her addiction counseling skills and experience to help separating parents, families, and teens effected by drugs or alcohol.

Erin has been a presenter and trainer for the DuPage County Bar Association, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Mediation Council of Illinois, and various mediation, counseling, or collaborative practice groups within Illinois and beyond. 

Practice Philosophy

For years, Ms. Birt felt that many of her clients were lost in the wilderness of the divorce litigation world. It was clear to her most cases could and should avoid litigation, however, her clients followed the same litigation path recommended by a well meaning friend or family member.

Born a peacemaker and surrounded by litigation warriors, Erin never lost her compass. She continued on her own path, based on her values and her talents to alleviate concerns and to bring consensus, to lead clients to a place of peace and resolution.

Once a litigation warrior herself, Erin has found a career in mediation and settlement based practices where she is treasured in her community by the very litigators that used to be on the other side of cases. She is known for her creativity and her caringness and is a model for others striving to enter the fields of mediation, parenting coordination, collaborative divorce, and restorative settlement based practices. 

Ms. Birt strives to resolve all family issues respectfully and without unnecessary litigation. She approaches all cases from a perspective of finding a resolution within the family prior to seeking help outside in the court system. 


Colleagues and trusted professionals from around the United States have recently described Erin as follows: 

  • "Erin Birt is a peacemaker and she will cut through all of the nonsense and strife and get you to where you want to be which is a place of peace and resolution that will help your family thrive even after divorce."
  • "Erin is a problem solver. She is concerned about the family. She focuses on the welfare of the family and helping her clients reach a resolution that meets the needs of the entire family. She is interested in ensuring that her clients can be in a better place than when they entered her office." 
  • "Erin is committed to peacemaking and resolutions."


  • Case Western Reserve University, BA
  • DePaul College of Law, J.D.
  • College of DuPage, Mediation Certificate
  • College of DuPage, Addiction Counseling
  • Guardian ad litem trainings, DuPage County Bar Association & Kane County Bar Association
  • AFCC, Parenting Coordinator Training
  • The Doherty Relationship Institute, LLC, Discernment Counseling Protocol Training

Continuing Education & Advancement Training

  • Erin attends and participates in a minimum of 15 hours per year of legal continuing education and 15 hours per year of mental health and substance abuse/addiction continuing education. Additionally, she has joined various skill building groups and presents at various seminars or trainings to offer her clients the best skills and services available. You can view a list of Erin's continuing education and advancement training, here


  • DuPage County Bar Association
  • Kane County Bar Association
  • Illinois State Bar Association
  • Mediation Council of Illinois (Past & Current Board Member)
  • Mosten Guthrie Mediation Practice Building Group
  • Illinois Counseling Association
  • NAADAC, Association for Addiction Professionals
  • Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association, Inc.
  • International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (Past Faculty Speaker)
  • Collaborative Practice Professionals of Illinois
  • Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
  • The Doherty Relationship Institute, LLC

Community Service

  • Past Member of City of Wheaton's Community Relations Commission
  • Past Group Leader for the DuPage County Juvenile Diversion Program
  • Board Member Mediation Council of Illinois

Contact Information

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    The services I received through Birt Family Law were Divorce – Financial Only. I was satisfied with the services and I am very likely to recommend Birt Family Law to others. 
  • Very Likely to Recommend to Others!

    Erin was very supportive, and I felt that she really took my emotions into consideration throughout the whole process.
  • Client Feedback: Satisfied with Birt Family Law Services

    Was I satisfied with the services of Birt Family Law? Yes. Questions I had were almost always answered within a day or two. I valued getting clarification/outlining how procedures are expected to unfold, and the expected timeframes. While I wish proceedings would've gone quickly, I know the wheel...
  • Very Likely to Recommend Birt Family Law!

    I was very emotional during our meetings and Erin gave me the time to express myself and was understanding. I valued the time we spent face to face with Erin Birt.
  • She was responsive and gave good counsel.

    What did you value most about working with Erin Birt? She was responsive and gave good counsel.
  • I valued Erin's professionalism

    I valued Erin's professionalism more than anything. Never at any moment did my confidence waiver in her guidance and direction. Her actions are purposeful, direct and were always in my best interest. 
  • It was overwhelming to me without Erin's help

    I valued how prompt Erin was with everything: every question I had; following up with my submissions; and so on. I also valued her explanation of each step; she was concise and easy to understand, which was invaluable to have with this process, as it was overwhelming to me without Erin's help. I ...
  • Uncontested Divorce Saved Money

    I am so glad that I chose her to represent me in this uncontested divorce!  I liked that she charged a flat fee, and I believe that I saved a lot of money by proceeding with this uncontested divorce - rather than with traditional litigation.  It was also extremely beneficial to move through the p...
  • Representing My Best Interests

    Erin Birt was able to address potentially adverse issues with compassion, realistic expectations, and firmness - while retaining some degree of flexibility regarding issues.  She was always MY attorney, and it was very clear that she was representing MY best interests.  
  • Thoughtful and Respectful

    What did I value most about working with Erin Birt? Erin was very skilled communicatively: she listened well, and provided suggestions and/or advice in a thoughtful and respectful manner.  
  • Very Professional

    Very professional and a law firm that gets things done in your best interest and finances.
  • Exceeded All of My Expectations

    Services provided exceeded all of my expectations.
  • Consistently Clear Rapid Responses

    What did I value most about working with Erin Birt? Concern for my particular needs. Consistently clear, rapid responses to all questions and needs.
  • Divorce Process Easy and Quick

     She did absolutely all in her power to make my divorce process easy and quickly in the amount of time I had to get it taken care of.
  • Thoughtfullness and Dedication

    What did I value most about working with Erin Birt? Her thoughtfulness and dedication.
  • Specialized in Settlment Based Divorce

    I liked that Ms. Birt specialized in settlement-based divorce, collaborative divorce and mediation.
  • Skills Shone in the Courtroom

    I originally contacted Ms. Birt regarding a settlement-based divorce. It unfortunately went to litigation, but Ms. Birt's skills shone in the courtroom.
  • Prompt Responses to My Legal Questions

    Ms. Birt provided me with prompt responses to my legal questions. She gave me a clear description of my options, and she prepared me for contingencies at every step of the process.
  • Easy To Work With and Understanding

    She is easy to work with, understanding, and makes the entire divorce process technically easy for a layman to understand.
  • Genuine Understanding

    I was so impressed with the level of professionalism as well as genuine understanding that was provided to me by Erin.
  • She Eased Me Through the Process

    She eased me through the process and took much of the stress away.

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Birt Family Law is the family centered law and mediation practice with a focus on Restorative Divorce; offering creative and supportive legal and mediation solutions with one goal: keeping the separating family out of court and working together towards a positive resolution.

We offer multiple options to achieve this goal including mediation, coaching, co-parenting strategies, and Restorative Divorce services. 

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Birt Family Law is committed to keeping the separating family out of court and working together towards a positive resolution.